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  1. Ohhhh, makes sense now! We play all the time, so it was funny that we actually ended up matching in the semi-finals. I pulled off a miracle to get to the finals when he played better overall in both of those games.
  2. Haha, thanks. Who all was at your store? I didn't think anybody would even recognize my name in it...
  3. The 3 burst has always been annoying, but I didn't think it was as much of a problem in this game. Still, a pistol start would be fine with me. No way I want the AR in those starting weapons, though.
  4. What's the problem with it? Everyone loved when 343 updated the beta to give us BR starts for a couple weeks.
  5. Ridiculous how many want Pistol/AR starts. AR should never be in the starting weapons. Pistol only (not 4 shot) would be alright, but ultimately BR starts would and almost always have been the best way to start a competitive Halo match.
  6. I'd love to see huge LANs as well, but MCC didn't provide that opportunity yet. With the release of Halo 5, I expect a huge growth in competition and much larger tournaments in terms of teams attending. 343 definitely is capable of holding huge tournaments, and they've shown how well they can run an event, despite so many issues with the Xbox One holding them back. More tournaments throughout the year would be nice, and a larger prize pool for top 8 would convince more players to attend. Huge brackets and upsets are what make these tournaments exciting, and 32 teams or less definitely won't be enough to grow the viewership past around 25k per event. As long as the competitive settings aren't drastically different from the out-of-the-box settings of Halo 5, I think we'll see a huge growth in tournament attendance and viewership, and 343 will be able to handle this accordingly.
  7. Easy $50! I realistically feel like there won't be many big upsets this year in the first two rounds, but this isn't my main bracket, so I'm making some ridiculous picks!
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