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  1. Dont kid yourself, 343 will only take this as a sign that real halo couldnt possibly work and halol 6 will completely kill off the franchise. It will be a disgusting blend of titanfall and cod, i will be surprised if it even has shields...
  2. Fixed. Also, why does every kid want me to carry them? getting multiple invites after each game...
  3. How are there not more complaints about the tracking proximity fused grenades? They are fucking broken...
  4. A man of my word am I And yes, I could have paid less for a brand new copy elsewhere.
  5. The moment they said they were dropping server selection, we knew it was going to be fucked sooner or later. It was a certainty.
  6. So, once again, 343 incompetence has fucked over Australian players because they're too fucking incompetent to allow us to choose what sort of connections we are willing to play on.
  7. What did they do? Remove the connection filter?
  8. *raises hand* Have yet to find a pre owned copy at any price though I haven't been looking very hard.
  9. I don't think I'll ever bother using more than the 2 short paddles. Trying to hold it with all 4 without accidentally pressing the longer ones is a pita.
  10. clicky The "has video game honor" ones were quite popular back in the day.
  11. And no social playlists. Yup, 343 really know what they're doing...
  12. Mr Holmes is pretty careful with his negs these days. And breakout has no place amongst what passes for traditional Halo playlists these days.
  13. A 343 employee suggesting modifying microsoft hardware. Okay... Side note, love being able to kill all vibration on the elite controller.
  14. From what I've seen (though granted it's little due to giving zero fucks the moment I saw the gameplay) it looks no different then bethesdas typical super sterile crap. And after putting hundreds of hours into Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3/new vegas, I just cannot stand it anymore.
  15. I just cannot stand Bethesdas gameplay. It is truly afwul and stuck in the 90's
  16. So, just pick up my elite @ $200aud. First impression. Fuck you microsoft for not fixing the fucking awful fucking trigger deadzones you fucking useless fucks... The last 3mm of travel is fucking 100% useless making it no better than the bog standard controller and siginicantly worse then every single other generation controller Microsoft has released. So, still can't play Forza because of their pathetic* levels of incompetence. Fucking great.... *Scratch that, 343 levels of incompetence...
  17. The only complaint I had about the Beta aiming was that it was too fucking easy. So much magnetism... On another note, seeing gaf have a meltdown over the relative bomb that Halo 5 has dropped is pretty funny.
  18. The ranking system is fucking awful just like a certain someone said before release but everyone disagreed... So, once again, a ranking system with placement matches, seasons and no fucking derank is by default fucking cancer.
  19. Why would you willfully search for cancerversary? In other news, had at least 6 load fails today. Yup, it's fixed guys...
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