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  1. Games been very playable for me.(frame rate issues come with the Dark Souls territory) Only real downside is the lack of multiplayer.
  2. If you're going digital, you can buy it now from the Japanese store and download the english version. A useful guide for buying from the JP store.
  3. Sounds like neogaf. Everytime some Halo 5 thread pops up in gaming side you get like 3 guys acting as though its the best halo ever.
  4. But 343 knows better then every Australian who has ever played an online game ever... Side note, been "playing" for an hour and a half, played 1 game in slayer. Yep, that population is soooo healthy right now...
  5. I find it funny that people are just now coming around to the realisation that the pistol is shit when I knew that before the game even launched...
  6. Mentioning Skyrim in the same breath of Dark Souls should be a permanent internet ban.
  7. My hatred for 343 has been sufficiently sustained
  8. Great and all, but never slow mo a Halo 5 no scope... Especially one that is such a hilarious miss but still get bs reg.
  9. Not even because of the bullshit top mid paths.
  10. Hahahahaaahaa.... no. The maps have absolutely no flow and are just a bunch of jumbled garbage with clamber and thrust jumps everwhere. There is a good reason maps have certain paths blocked off or unreachable.
  11. Can't even get games in ts lol... Got 1 game of TS. 1 game of dubs. Now I'm already too high a "rank" to match anyone...
  12. Having trouble here in Aus. Player population numbers would be so embarrassing.
  13. 2 sens. 5acc 0/0 deadzones. pulling 70% accuracy in games. Elite controller too if that makes any difference.
  14. So I matched the same team of 4 8 games in a row and I get the worst of the worst boat anchors in existence. Love it...
  15. RNGesus Or people just not understanding that perfectly timed has the exact same fire rate of full auto without the bloom.
  16. Woohoo, get onyx in placement matches, get a couple wins in a row and now I cannot get games at all.
  17. They will just blame it on population counters. Oh wait...
  18. It's outclassed by every other weapon. So yes, it's garbage. Unless of course the H3 pistol is all of a sudden a great weapon...
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