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  1. Yay I just gave up and afk'd 90% of my games tonight because the garbage on my team could not be carried. Woooooo.
  2. Halo CE 2v2 to 50 kills go by faster then Halo 5 4v4 to 25 kills...
  3. We already have, they do not care because immersion.
  4. Doesn't matter what you do to sprint, it's going to be awful.
  5. Just add this to the long list of why sprint supporters are wrong and why sprint will never get removed...
  6. He's right you know. Constantly changing aim settings even after playing a few games is going to be worse then simply finding something comfortable and just sticking with it.
  7. I wonder how many people login for nothing more then the crappy little daily login req pack.
  8. They are definitely leaving out the stipulation of "after we took over Halo" i.e after Reach had already died.
  9. Mine is 0/2 on deadzones but you need to find your lowest values to prevent drift and slow turn.
  10. I'd find games faster with more accurate skill levels in Halo 3. Can't even get a game with "balanced" Still find it amazing that people actually believe anything that comes out of 343...
  11. 2/2/5 minimal deadzones to eliminate drift/slow turn. I'm pulling 60%+ accuracy regularly even getting over 70% at times.
  12. I think we've known this before Halo 5 even launched...
  13. Nah nah man, that's just Halo 5 having amazing gunplay! -NeoGAF
  14. 6 full strength beers last night and I was still pulling highest accuracy every game. I still can't believe people actually exist who think Halo 5s gunplay is "so amazing" "near perfection" etc etc. No, it's not, it's fucking childishly easy... Easier then Halo 2...
  15. I don't know about you, but when I'm aiming, my thumb doesn't come off the thumbstick... The main advantage of bumper jumper is jumper is shoot, melee, gernard and jump all at the index fingers.
  16. Can't wait to start finding some of these awesome side areas I've been hearing about. Uchi sword art is badass!
  17. It's really what DS2 should have been. It does feel like a genuine sequel to DS1.
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