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  1. Was a GG anyway @@Shekkles @@wow less then 10 kills in it I think. almost a steak actually sorry Second time on whitecell for me and my mate One Handed Halo (me) Cancelied (friend)
  2. When I heard that 343 were putting in search preferences but they tied skill and connection into one option I just fell to the floor laughing. I mean, how catastrophically stupid can people be? And since the population is so hilariously low (higher then Halo reach my fucking ass) in Australia/NZ you're practically forced to search expanded to even get games. Great, golds vs champs. Randoms vs parties of 4. Great work 343, keep it up! Post note, @@Shekkles got shrekled last night on whitecell
  3. Anyone who thinks connection has anything to do with aiming or bringing up the menu does anything seriously needs to take their tinfoil hat off. Halo 5's aiming is just shit. That simple. As an Australian who regularly cannot even find games on "balanced" searching and is forced to play on pooreigner servers near constantly. The Aiming simply doesn't change. It's just constantly shit. All you need to do is go from MCC, hell, even Blops 3 and then play H5. H5 just feels like hot garbage.
  4. Buddy, I broke my wrist in 3 places and couldnt move my hand for 8 weeks straight. even with fucked up muscles and stiff as fuck tendons I was pulling 65%+ accuracy within 1 day of getting the cast off. Halo 5s aiming is the easiest out of all the halo games including halo 2 p.s Halo 5s aiming feeling like complete shit doesnt mean its hard...
  5. aight guys starting the 1 handed road to champ tonight'
  6. ok guys, so last weekend I broke me wrist in 3 places which has lead to about 6-8 weeks off work, at home, with virtually nothing to do. My right wrist is in a cast which includes the entirety of the thumb which makes playing normal xbox a virtual impossibility. So, I've come up with a disgusting 1 hand control layout which is centered around spartan charge, grenade and melee derping. How high do you all think I'll get in dubskis, ffa etc?
  7. Pure cancer. Played 1 game, got that fuckawful standoff remake, never again.
  8. And dota players cry about MMR hell. Just wait till they solo search diamond constantly getting staff captain tier team mates...
  9. Watching neogaf try to defend MCC is always a good laugh...
  10. Managed to get 3 bronze 1 games so far. Still not sure if there is a difference between bronze kids and onyx kids.
  11. Then it should be no surprise why the collective thoughts of that forum are as ******** as they are.
  12. 2 hours of searching bronze 1 ffa and not even a single game. Yup, highest population since H3...
  13. Road to bronze is almost over. *Update* Bronze 1 ffa journey is complete
  14. You know you're in bronze when you only get assassinations in an ffa game and still get a double kill.
  15. Yup, looks like another night of constant uncarriable garbage. Fucking joy.
  16. Hmm, I read it again but all I got from it was
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