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  1. Didn't that come up after Halo 4 when Halo 5 was well into production?
  2. I can appreciate the effort but Halo 5 sniper montages are just disgusting to watch. They highlight just how fucking childishly easy Halo 5s aiming is. Oh, you aimed near a player? Get a headshot. SMH.
  3. 343 won't do that, it will break the immersion.
  4. Which is sad because of how easy onyx is lol.
  5. Sniper body shots at full shield has always been a thing due to the hidden health system in Halo 3. Health regens slower then shields. The rest of it though is laughable.
  6. It took 2 years for CoD to finally cement the #1 spot on XBL after Halo 3 released. Cod 4 and WaW were both beaten by H3 easily. it took MW2 and newly released game to beat the 2 year old Halo 3. Halo Reach launch was bigger then Halo 3, so people were obviously ready for more Halo but it was shit(cough sprint, cough bloom, cough jetpack, cough awful maps) and there were better games out there to play so people played them. Halo becoming shit and trying to add casual shit to the game is what brought Halo down.
  7. There is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that Halo needed all that bullshit. None. But when Halo added all the bullshit player rentention dropped like a fucking boulder down a cliffside...
  8. Aiming in Halo 5 while feeling like shit is pathetically easy.
  9. *looks at sig* Yup @@Sal1ent was such a gem to the community lol... All it ever was, was something something immersion something it's expected etc etc. And Halo 6 was already a lost cause, this changes nothing.
  10. 60fps is one of the only things 343 did right with H5...
  11. If they ever saw you and if you hadn't already used it... Weapon pads do nothing good for players with functioning brains and just make searching randoms that bit more annoying.
  12. Them not even knowing when or where rockets spawn and whos go them? A big hud marker shouting SNIPER HERE IN 30 SECONDS! makes all the McSpastics conjugate on that area and sit there until it spawns. Before that, the McDumbasses didn't even know where the weapons spawned, what the spawn interval was or how to track said interval. They believed that they just randomly dropped out of the sky in random locations.
  13. Serious teams don't need the timer Those shitty teammates wouldn't know when the weapon is spawning
  14. Because now half the team sits on a weapon spawn for 30 seconds betraying each other....
  15. To be fair buddy, Jetpack is a known cause of super cancer.
  16. ZBNS is fucking good yo. And, from a quality perspective, it's one of the greatest games of all time and easily the best Halo title.
  17. had a quick little run through the first campaign mission and it still had dips but no worse then I remember it being on 360.
  18. As beast said, it was rarer to get a 4v4 then some kind of 1v4. 3v5 3v4 etc at launch. Yes, 343 really is that incompetent.
  19. Fucking AND? Cunts these days get offended by anything and everything. No one cares if you get offended children. It's not going to give you cancer. Grow up and fuck off with the PC bullshit. Thanks, intelligent human beings with functioning brains.
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