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  1. What else would you expect from 3v4i? And people act like Halo 5 is actually a quality game...
  2. git gud! H5 has best aim ever! superb gunplay!
  3. Props for not having it full of cancerous H5 sniper gameplay.
  4. uhm'ing and ah'ing over the masochistic torture of going for ffa onyx lol
  5. After reading that, we can kill each other.
  6. Bow down peasents did ffa onyx ages back too. this was solo searching ts.
  7. Solo searched to onyx once again after maybe 6 months of not playing. Ranks are a joke. Game is a joke.
  8. That would feel better then 343s attempt at an aiming system
  9. But Halo 5 literally has no aiming skill gap. The aiming just feels like complete shit while being pathetically easy.
  10. Acknowledging their fuck ups and actually doing something about them are two vastly different things.
  11. Unfortunately regardless of the quality of the editing and the video itself, the Halo 5 sniper is so childishly easy to use that it's just not entertaining to watch people snipe. After watching it, it's a bunch of disgusting (not the good kind) btb n warzone clips with some no scopes that might have been impressive in pre 343 Halo games but are meh in Halo 5 because of the auto aim.
  12. No amount of extra time pre launch could save Halo 5 from 343. It still would have been missing key features, gametypes and have the same cancerous gameplay. And 343/Msoft did so well sweeping MCC under the rug that most people wouldn't even realise it's still an unplayable fucking mess that's never going to be fixed.
  13. Reddit, Waypoint, NeoGAF. All cesspools of 343 slurplejerking scrubs who no one here could carry out of bronze tier. Best of just laughing at them. It is truly hilarious when these kids try to claim if you don't like halo it must be because you suck when in reality you could shit on them from a great height blind folded.
  14. lol @ people complaining about the reach banshee. You spawned with the perfect anti banshee weapon and if you had snipe you could decimate the thing. The only thing that made it "strong" was the fact that people were too stupid to shoot at it.
  15. Because intelligent thought processes regarding matchmaking have never been 343s strong point.
  16. Didn't need to, it's obvious what the responses would be.
  17. "But he's a sitting duck." "If you can't kill him you need to adapt." "I don't see the problem." "But I feel like a spartan." These quotes brought to you courtesy of Waypoint, reddit and neogaf.
  18. but how is that immersive? Players expect to clamber always.
  19. Quality post. Really does show how bad it is...
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