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  1. And you actually believe that? Holy shit...
  2. Ever think that maybe, just maybe people want GOOD changes that IMPROVE gameplay? The last good thing added to Halo was the Grenade launcher and ZBNS. Every other addition has been horrifyingly bad.
  3. You are quite literally the worst type of person in any gaming community. Yup, lets all bend over and take it up the arse. Great way to get good games.
  4. So he can insultingly claim it's always been possible to do it?
  5. Oh, well ditched those forums the moment Bungie changed them to the current god awful system. Got perm'd from waypoint. Got a Gaf account. Got a job etc. Only recently found out about this place. It's almost like a website version of Forum Tryhards in it's glory days.
  6. Huh, what? Alternate version. Olé Olé Olé... No sprint. No sprint.
  7. What happened to getting all the maps in slayer? Nothing but truth and that god awful forge abortion.
  8. Guess what, if it is ANYTHING like this beta, I'M NOT BUYING HALOL 5:Garbage.
  9. I'm pretty sure the spnkr actually took up less screen realestate. But a comparison would be nice. Just signed up for the "feedback program" by simply telling it I'm American. Let's see if it works.
  10. Don't get first shot? Thrust away. Amazing #Immersion
  11. Where 343 is concerned, a staff captain is a god...
  12. The game has every bit of the childish levels of magnetism as Halo 4. Just less aim assist... No scoping the sniper is, once again, a fucking joke...
  13. Impossible to choose just one option. 1, 2 and 5.
  14. If I do buy it which is unlikely, it will only be a pre owned copy. No way is another cent of mine going to such a terrible and disrespectful developer...
  15. Has anyone figured out what the deal with this damn grenades is? They seemingly detonate on proximity...
  16. First to get to 10 kills on your team Kill a sniper with a non power weapon? 3 headshots in a row/in one life. Whoops, thought I was one a different page. Fuck this games pathetic excuse of "ranked" matchmaking. Every game there is a fucking thumbless fucking turnip going neg 10-20. The vast majority of the time, I am the only player on my team going positive.
  17. Controlling the stupid huge pile of nades > everthing else.
  18. lol. So funny going up against them sweaty kids who never left Reach and still stomping 'em :P You should come play Halol5:Garbage with me 'n' jimmy
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