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  1. Well first of all, that's not entirely true.  Halo 2 had no social background MMR's, and for as much as people love to claim that H3 did that never stopped Staff Captains from pairing with 50's.  If it was in the back end of Halo 3 MM, it didn't do anything.


    Same goes for Reach and the 4.


    So many 50-0 games in slayer and 200+ kills in obj. CTF zealot <3 

  2. inb4 343 makes new poll.


    "All Halo fans who have not left the franchise by now, would you rather play Halo 5 or Halo 3?"

    Halo 5: 89%

    Halo 3: 11%


    343: "As you can see, only 11% of fans prefer Halo 3. We respect all of our fans but it's clear what the majority wants."




    Well played my good man *raises glass*

  3. This was excellent Phil. Spread the good word on Waypoint and reddit, for the folks that really need to hear it.


    They won't hear it because Halo 5 has the best shooting mechanics of the series.


    Read "Halo 5 is the easiest to shoot in so it makes me think I'm good but deep down I know I'm bad and the game gets very boring very fast"

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  4. For the people who think that liking H4 more than H5 is asinine, this is why people think this way:


    At least H4 wasn't deteriorating in overall functionality while it aged.


    Kids on neogaf waypoint and reddit will come up with some hilarious mental gymnastics to defend 343 for this.


    It doesn't even get the shield spark...

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