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  1. So is there any sort of patch list for this trainwreck yet?
  2. Same goes for Reach and the 4. So many 50-0 games in slayer and 200+ kills in obj. CTF zealot <3
  3. This thread makes me wonder if I've still got my fake zero bloom gametype in my reach fileshare with like 6k+ downloads
  4. inb4 they remove button glitches in Halo and Halo 2.
  5. Um, nooooooooo. At most RRR increased with zooming, thats it. Reach started the "tighter spread when zoomed" garbage technically but 343, as with everything, take an awful idea and multiply it 10 fold
  6. All I see is mentioning hip fire and it's affect on accuracy and it makes me fucking vomit.
  7. I haven't seen a quote pyramid for many years, had to contribute
  8. They won't hear it because Halo 5 has the best shooting mechanics of the series. Read "Halo 5 is the easiest to shoot in so it makes me think I'm good but deep down I know I'm bad and the game gets very boring very fast"
  9. My current desktop cost $1850aud... And it isnt even top of line
  10. But we know exactly what Halo is. 343 is mentally and physically incapable of delivering it.
  11. 45 would feel like shit or have huge amounts of tearing No thanks.
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