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  1. Drop a like and a subscribe if you enjoyed the video! I really appreciate it!
  2. My point is if you have a group of people that you play halo with that are above or on your skill level you want to play customs with them. The reason customs were such a big thing in Halo 3 and Reach was because they were a huge thing in Halo 2 and improved your gameplay quicker then just searching Matchmaking. If you were to survey all the top 6 teams from NA and ask them would they rather search Arena with a To4 or do customs/money matches they are choosing the customs 10/10. It's more accessible despite whoever the host is or not, you dictate 100% of the time who you play with and against and there is less down time. Even outside the top 6 teams of NA you would be hard pressed to find above average halo players who think searching arena is more beneficial then running competitive customs against other players.
  3. I'm looking here just to see if there is some undiscovered talent that hasn't been acquired yet. I'm signed to an organization called GunDown who are looking for a strong squad heading into Season 2 while they are actively acquiring more and more sponsorship. They are a small org now but are willing to fully support a team of dedicated players. These are the qualities we are looking for: *Must be willing to dedicate themselves to this fully. Scrimming, practicing, film watching, GBs, PGLs and leagues *Must be open-minded and all about the team. Putting in the same time as everybody else. *Must be willing to play under the organization *No egos If you're interested contact me and we will run games. GT: Kmart Khalifa Twitter: gD_Kmart @GunDownGG Youtube.com/LegendOfKmart
  4. There are 4 big florida locals going down in the next 3 months I will try and use this as a hub to keep everybody in touch
  5. Put me on it but we both know people would rather grind arena trying to maintain their rank because it means something to them then play customs. GT: Kmart Khalifa
  6. This is already going on with ESL already having done test runs of it at some Counterstrike events. They have found an outside unbiased governing body that would run the tests and it would only prevent you from showing up to the events under the influence if certain drugs not checking what's in your system before each match. Along with that though before testing gets serious because I do think that adderall overly helps a lot of people in halo, there needs to be a union set in place for esports in general because who do you go to when the test comes back positive but you know you aren't under the influence of any drugs? Or when you kicked out of the event and your sponsors/organization find out why you got kicked out? Not only would it be bad for your image but it could potentially hurt any opportunity for you to further progress in esports whether as a player or behind the scenes. The track record will always be there and in esports nobody forgets drama. So in other words union before drug test so now if you feel like your getting out adderall'ed by the other team and you don't want to take adderall to make it fair then take the L and keep on moving
  7. When you play a bad game or you remember a questionable decision or play you made just go back and watch the film, you will train your mind what to do in that same situation the next time. Also it would benefit you a lot more to play custom games against people of your skill level or higher just because of factoring in wait times to get a match and the 50% chance of the other team being under your skill level or somebody lags out/quits, etc. Being in custom games you could game non stop and you can actively choose teams to make them fair or make sure people of certain skill are on your team or against you but unfortunately the competitive halo community doesn't grind customs like we used to in the halo 3/halo reach days so MM is your best option. The only problem with Halo 5 is that if you get bad teammates who make bad plays and you cant communicate with it makes it hard for you to see improvement or what you should of done in situations because if you had decent teammates that were actually playing for the win and not stats you would see what you're doing correctly as a teammate. Best quote I can ever give: Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect - "Walshy"
  8. T - ogether E - verybody A - chieves M - ore If you understand this concept, your gameplay speaks these words to be true and you are dedicated enough to put the time in then follow the link and watch the video titled "GunDown Organization Moves Into Halo". If you want to be the top amateur team come time next season for Halo then you might be who we're looking for. www.youtube.com/LegendOfKmart
  9. If they make it so that you only show up on radar while sprinting then that is a compromise
  10. I don't want to call all of them fake but you can tell the ones who are the over the top. Does anybody remember Ninja being a complete sell out for halo 4, he was raising it on a pedastool. Oh their is code in the game for a spectator, they are listening to the community, more and more pros are coming back to it just wait. Oh and the best one was when he said they are putting a ranking system in the game Exhibit A: There are too many pros saying everything is fine with the settings as is and they're not. And too many fanboys that drool all over the pros opinions as facts and too many mob mentality kids who can't think for themselves.
  11. in before they say no we should keep it all the same so we can attract more of the casuals....cause radar in the game somehow influences that
  12. I don't care about BR start or not I just want us to fully research all the different kinds of ways for us to make the game competitive but it's obvious that radar needs to go except from most of the pros point of views and we know why they want radar in
  13. If radar was out the game would be so much more competitive, im sick of playing stronghold and trying to get back a point and people crouching and watching radar, we need to encourage people for having good map knowledge and good map awareness not from sitting still and reading a radar
  14. Way too often have we been hearing since Halo 5 came out that we need to make our rules and competitive structure closer to the casuals so more people are interested in playing Halo and watching Halo. I would first like somebody to look at the actual daily individual player base of halo in arena compared to MLG playlists back in Reach when CoD was dominating, not so much Halo 3 because at the time Halo was the see all and be all. Making our settings more casual doesn't make more people want to play or watch all it does is alienate the already continued fans who have been loyal to the series and will continue to be loyal compared to us trying to receive some magical CoD fanbase that aren't coming ever. If we are trying to attract CoD fans who religiously will never touch anything else then we are wasting our time, why would we neglect a fanbase that has been loyal for the highs and the lows of this game just to attract some part time fans that will go back to the next CoD anyway? The comparison I hear so often is "well smite, dota, cs and LoL all have the same experience in casual as they do in competitive". And my rebuttal would be that all the MOBAs are made to be like that with one map and one gametype, it's made to be casual and competitive so those don't compare to a FPS with multiple gametypes like flag, KotH, Slayer, Oddball and Bomb. And in CS their casual is their competitive because of how the game was made back in 1999 when every online shooter was made for only competitive just like Unreal and Quake. (And CS "radar" doesn't show you were people are constantly unless they crouch like in Halo 5, in CS if they shoot a blip pops up on the radar for half a second then disappears so not the same). I've said this to multiple pros on twitter and on their stream and I want a response. The question is does radar make the game more or less competitive? If it's less then it should be removed point blank period regardless of if you "think" it brings more viewership or makes more casuals want to play but if it makes it more then keep it but debating on competitive shouldn't have viewership and player count added into the equation. I would debate that if people are going to play Halo then they are going to play, the ruleset doesn't deter or embrace anybody. Aches from CoD did a twitlonger about this last week talking about the same thing because the CoD community is going through the same thing debating on settings to make it easier for casual because both CoD and Halo cannot accept that they are not bigger esports then others. Here is what Aches said: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1snr721 Instead of just going along with what the pros say use your own brain and come to your own conclusion, to say that some of the pros aren't biased towards their own agenda would be a blatant lie as in more viewership and people playing makes them more money(exposure, sponsors, contracts, etc.) We need to fully evaluate this game and make it the most competitive it can be so let's test out BR start with no radar, let's test out Pistol no radar, let's test out BR with radar, etc. Halo 5 at its core is a really fun game and has the potential to be an amazing halo game but we need to get together as a community and make the decisions, not let others dictate what happens to our ruleset and our game. We are Halo, continue to be Halo, not anybody else.
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