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  1. makes sense given h5 comp has always been pretty garbage. the exact same thing happened with reach. might be depressing but its not surprising.
  2. Can't wait for halo battle royal mode so lxthul can finally be seen as the true #1 player
  3. hello fellow internet contributors, how are our tin foil hats leaning today?
  4. god I hope it's a prequel EDIT: FUCK
  5. and yet i prefer CE even though i started with Halo 3 woah
  6. CE is what happens when you create a perfectly normal equal-starts FPS but then fuck up all the programming to accidentally make it deep.
  7. didnt need to quote get off my dick, I don’t know where you work but typically firms have ways of filling positions sufficiently until they get filled, so chill and stop doomsaying. again, read Hume.
  8. umm big studios often have job openings because yknow its hella freelance. F all job security. And because of this observation you think they won’t have an E3 showing? Which they’ve had every year previous to release year for every modern halo? smh you have no idea, read Hume
  9. performing drag isnt sexualization btw btw
  10. people calling things cringy is cringey
  11. oof tough luck brochacho. that really sucks but i guess now you can focus on going the indy direction? because, as it turns out, the scrubby teenagers who buy videogames dont actually want to have a challenge to get better at, they just want to feel good. I pray that wanting to be a good game designer doesnt make you homeless
  12. compared to carlson, probably all of them
  13. I dunno, some like the talking, others hate it. Everyone has different tastes dude.
  14. hmm i don't think you only get extremism from people agreeing with each other, nor do I think individual extremists form from echo chambers when they're often socially isolated I guarantee you every single person thinks that themselves
  15. You actually think a random ass tweet with no interaction from a profile with fa followers has any relevance to how people normally think lmao
  16. dont bother with horseshoe theory. Ideologies further from the centre not only remain incredibly distinct, but also show increasing diversity to the point where "far left politique no. 1" is categorically opposed to the theory of "far left politique no. 2"
  17. read some books and you guys might start to agree with these kids lol
  18. If you're actually interested in what the NRA actually is, here's a neat podcast on its history as an organisation in regards to the politics around the 2nd amendment https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/gun-show
  19. Doesnt anybody here realise they're on a Halo forum, in 2018 jfc

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