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  1. No decent, if any, player is complaining about graphics.


    They are, however, complaining about hit registration, faulty hosts, red names, region lock, unbalanced matches, connection spikes, p2p connections, gametypes...


    ...the list goes on.


    But seriously, you don't play H1 and H2 because of the graphics? They're upscaled to 1080p. Camo on maps like Warlock is legitimately worse and insanely dark maps like Backwash now appear much brighter. Not to mention H1's design is not obstructive at all and there are few "dark" areas especially with improved lighting. Sounds like a lame excuse to me.

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  2. I can understand why one would think timing weapons is a bogus skill, but I think it's just a minor skill that goes with general awareness. For a new player paying attention to the in game clock and basing your position off of it can seem difficult.


    Anyway, consistent weapon timers ala H1 and H5 pads are great, but H5 took it way too far. An announcement of weapons spawning and the icon disappearing when the weapon give too much information. Players should know when weapons are coming up because they're aware of it and that they're paying attention to what's going on, not because a crutch is reminding them when they completely forgot about it up until that point. I like that the weapon timer is visible if you stare in its general direction, but that's it. Better than the weapon system in H2 or H3 (bar MLG) though, that's for sure.

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  3. Not that it shares those properties, but that it enforces them without rewarding free and easy slays, and doing nothing but rewarding actual proper teamwork and teamplay. The fact it ties to a point ISN'T just my point. It's how it does. 

    Okay, even so, this was entirely implicit, but whatever. From what I've deduced your entire problem with power weapons is that they're simply too easy, sans H3 sniper. If power weapons and power ups were not advantageous (as in they are equally or similarly as skillful as the utility weapon) then they would be pointless. This is the case for many weapons after Halo 1 (power weapons or not) being completely ignored due to their weakness. I do enjoy the lack of power weapons on some maps, but if every game was like Warlock or Amplified then the gameplay would become stale super fast, the montage scene would be entirely out BR's and less enjoyable to watch, the excitement behind sick plays like a clutch no scope double would be near non existent aside from slick out BR's that already happen, and in general the gameplay would be less diverse. 


    Also, in order for a map to function without power weapons, it needs to naturally play fast or have a system in place that encourages movement. Halo 1's weapon timers being static encourages this movement and prevents players from taking positions for extensive periods of time, because not only are the weapons spawning consistently, but they can be naded from tens of different places on the map. But in Halo 2 onward, if the map is big enough to the point where teams can hold defensive positions without taking risks (in other words, a map that can be "slowed down". Almost every map can be, aside from ones that force player movement like the aforementioned. You cite Truth as a map that has this property, but that relies more so on Halo 5 mechanics and being able to thrust slide across the map rather than the map itself because even Midship and Heretic can be slowed down). Amplified in H3 does this exceptionally well, where the gameplay is basically impossible to slow down. This is also why Warlock TS games rarely last longer than 5 minutes. But take away power weapons on a larger map with more pathways and obstructions like Pit or Lockout and you inevitably slow down the gameplay because there is no incentive to move unless someone is out of position for whatever reason. In some cases this has already happened with power weapons on the map, though in this case it's mostly due to how bad H2A is:



    This is a game with several power weapons (including the stalagmites, if your definition of power weapon is "cheeseball shit"). It lasts for the full duration with neither team passing even half of the kills necessary. You can clearly see BtH making stupid plays at the end in order to break the tie even though it costs them because it's a bad play because there was no reason to move and Str8 was prepared for it. It's boring as fuck, and this HAS power weapons. Now take away the sniper and the sword and the shotgun and the stalagmites because they're cheap and replace everything with a hitscan BR that hits everything in a 10 foot radius. Why would anyone leave BR3 or S tower or library or bottom blue or wherever they're holding up until the clock is forcing the losing team to make a decision?


    Lockout, Guardian, Pit and other maps that don't naturally play slow require incentives to play better. This doesn't mean they're bad maps, it just means they serve a different competitive purpose - skillfully contesting power weapons. Using a power weapon shouldn't be hard. Fighting for the power weapon should be. Maps like Warlock, Amplified and Midship (somewhat) fill the niche of a faster map based on quick decisions rather than excessive coordination around power weapons.


    Or you can play H1 where the game is naturally fast because of several things other than the power weapons themselves creating the best competitive console shooter experience to date. /justsaying

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  4. Which is why the earliest point of my comment and every single one of my comments has been for obj, never for Slayer. Slayer sucks, I'll never speak on it bar "remove it".


    You argued that a flag (or other objective tied to points) can be used as a better incentive for map movement because the flag is tied to points and also shares the same map movement incentive properties. Yet in Slayer, power weapons lead to kills, setups and leads, therefore tying power weapons to points directly. Just because you think Slayer sucks doesn't mean you can ignore it in the full scope of the argument.



    And the things you can apply to pickups you can also apply to a flag. And you know what? The flag is a better thing to dedicate resources to making players push towards. Because you know what a significant advantage is? A point on the scoreboard.

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  5. Provided 343 has the capability, what about Tommy Kost's proposal?


    Check which games you want to play, and then have individual playlists for each game mode. Eliminates cross-game playlists, and eliminates several playlists per game for the same mode.


    e.g. You want to play Halo 3 doubles. You uncheck everything except Halo 3 and then search the "Team Doubles" playlist. As long as someone else has H3 installed and checked, you can match them. For example, you can match someone that has only Halo 3 installed, or has every game installed. If you want to play Halo 1 2v2, then you uncheck everything aside from Halo 1 and you have the H1 Doubles playlist as it is in current MCC. Yet it is the same playlist.


    There's too many playlists and merging MLG and social (and similar ideas) sounds ridiculous. This idea would eliminate most people's issues with the playlists while also minimizing the amount of them. I get that 343 hate Tommy but given the current state of the game I don't see how this idea could go wrong if it functions properly.


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