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  1. Show me the same graphs for Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 2 Anniversary, and Halo 5 please.


    Then.... and ONLY then... will your post have some semblance of relevance in this conversation.


    Sure. Here's what I can find. They're not the "exact same" charts, but they do tell you that Halo's population has declined severely. Particularly in the last image. Let me know if you find a H3 chart by itself, I can't seem to. Maybe on bnet somewhere.


    Good luck trying to find charts for games without population counters or released data.






    It's almost as if Halo isn't as popular! Wow. Who would've thought?


    Also, in terms of pop counters: H3 is last 24 hours, Reach and 4 is/were concurrent players, pretty sure. Though for years the counters have either been disabled or just fucky, I don't know. 

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  2. If a developer were to implement button combos into a halo style arena shooter how would you like them to handle it? Rock paper scissor between different CQC combos? Clash/blocking?

    Everything already established in H1 and H2 but find a solution to make BXR more skillful (remove melee lunge?). H2 BXB could be replaced with H1 BLB as BLB uses up a grenade, can't be melee spammed, and is also much harder due to lack of melee lunge. If sword functions the same as H2 add a way to parry it with melee so sword isn't ridiculously dominant.


    I think the way H2 already functions, despite everything being unintended glitches, is quite great (besides the weapon respawning system). But it can be improved. If it could be designed around a "rock paper scissors" balance while keeping H2 formula intact it would be the best game in the series in my opinion.

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  3. Skilled people are more likely to play games with a skill gap and lesser skilled players are more likely to play games with easy to use weapons and game breaking mechanics.

    I don't mind spread. That along with leading your shots adds depth to the game for me. As far as sprint goes, I will never advocate for that(or any other spartan/armor ability) in a Halo game.


    If you're looking for a high skill gap and lots of depth, wouldn't CE be your preferred game?

  4. And spread doesn't? If you take out spread H3 will feel completely different. And that's such a firm stance against a single mechanic it doesn't make sense. People are SO against sprint because of the negatives but somehow a random gun in a competitive game isn't that bad crazy.


    I never said I was for spread, defending spread, etc. But at the end of the day I would take H3 spread over sprint. Spread can be minimized. Sprint can't. 


    And even if you make the BR in H3 shoot straight, it'd still be a worse game than H2.

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  5. Spread is certainly pernicious in it's own right.

    The idea that your chances of missing the further away from the target you is not only an inherently random element but one that exists for everyone since everyone has the same gun.


    So the idea that Sprint has a constant effect on the game isn't so disimilar from spreads effect. The distinction between them is simply the degree to which this effect exists.


    With good aim and reticle placement spread can be slightly controlled in some way. Its effect also varies based on factors like distance and even game settings, though minute (11 shots to kill vs 12). But sprint affects every scenario regardless of factors because it has to be designed around its inclusion.

  6. .I'm not saying it's a good thing, or justifying it, but I would rather shoot straight 100% of the time and just have people run from me when I do, than have people fighting each other with guns that lack the consistent ability to lay the hate down with simple movement. And as per a later comment, how is it somehow super ridiculous to want a game where your gun simply works with sprint as a trade off? Like, oh, man, I want my gun in an FPS to work properly, as it should, and in turn I have to deal with a gimmick. 


    Because adding sprint to Halo completely changes how the game is played and designed. Random spread is a nuisance. Sprint is a gimmick that makes the game no longer Halo. (we figured this out eight years ago)


    Apples and oranges.

  7. And nah, competitively Halo's always been some fucky shit, but there is no way in actual hell you could tell me Halo 3 was better than Halo 4's best. Again, not a high bar at all, but Halo 4 at least has a gun that shoots straight, lol. Multiple guns that shoot straight. I would take sprint over the inability to challenge someone in a straight fight. Of course, this kinda boils down to where you swing, but whew. Halo 3 is competitive garbage. Halo 4 may have been, but it at least functions, lol.


    Way to blow random spread completely out of proportion.  

  8. I'm scratching my head at the controller settings. I've always played on a 4 sensitivity, but now I hace no idea what's happened. Tell me if I'm headcasing:


    Halo 3's aim feels very loose to me. That's the only way I can describe it. When moving the right stick diagonally if feels like the sensitivity jumps up to a 10 at the slightest motion.


    Am I crazy? I don't remember halo 3 on 360 or even MCC back in 2014 aiming like that.


    I had to lower my sens (4 to 3.5) after the latest update on H3 MCC. 4 before update and 4 after update felt different, but I hadn't played in weeks, so I don't know. I don't really think changing aim accel in the menus helps that much either.

  9. If they added a good chunk of maps to H2A it would be 1000000x better than h3. Could remove hitmarkers and stuff too obviously but even so, having a game where you can actually shoot straight is a huge deal. I would rather play another year of H2A on the 3 maps it has than play h3 MCC. That game is just so broken and trash lol. But once the initial nostalgia wears off people will see. H3 is not a good game by today's standards lol.


    H3 MCC is pretty bad, but I would take OG H3 any day over what H2A has to offer. I've always seen H2A as a much slower, watered down version of the original Halo 2. It takes away the things that add to the skill gap like button combos whilst keeping the things that shrank it like the absurd bullet magnetism. At least it's still classic Halo though. Midship/Beaver remakes would be cool but the game needs a lot of refining to make me enjoy it that much.


    What are "today's standards"? All I see in the franchises I grew up with are worse iterations than their predecessors. Halo 3 is a masterpiece compared to most of the shit that comes out today.

  10. I'm all for credibility and professionalism, but the problem is that 343 launched an unfinished game. It is absolutely inexcusable that MCC launched so poorly, but it's also quite pathetic that a lot of 343 don't even understand the fucking game that they're developing and/or fixing. It's literally the definition of "not knowing how to do your job". I agree, they need our help to fix the game, because they don't know what they're doing without us with regards to playlists and gametypes. But it's just pathetic that they don't even understand any of it in the first place. How are you going to inherit a massive franchise that is so important to so many people for so many reasons... and understand it so poorly, to the point where you don't understand what makes Halo Halo? In more ways than one. They've both dragged Halo through the mud with advanced mobility while simultaneously making the "all in one" classic Halo experience a fucking mess. I don't advocate for being a complete ass to people like Postums in replies to him on Twitter (whatever your opinion of him is), but to people like Tommy Kost, who are just trying to solve problems while also displaying years' worth of frustration - I don't get why they're ignored. It just concretely solidifies the idea that 343 can't take an ounce of constructive criticism if it's coated in even the slightest negative tone. There's a difference between a buggy game with many issues and a completely broken game devoid of any functionality whatsoever that makes the purchase completely worthless. We got the latter with MCC and we've had it for four years. They promised an update - oh great! - and it's still half-assed, typical of 343. We have every right to display such frustration.

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