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  1. 1 hour ago, Fixaimingsorry said:

    I don’t like the carbine but the impulse nade I do. I think we need unique weapons but still kill. You’ll be surprised how disliked a weapon will become if it has no killing potential and is only useful as a two piecer.

    Because lots of people only look at weapons at surface level i.e. "how much damage does this do directly" and disregard utility entirely. Lots of people think the H1 pistol is overpowered, for example.

  2. 55 minutes ago, Fixaimingsorry said:

    they not coming back when the update of 18 rolled out is their fault! 

    Absolutely not. They tried to voice their concerns with the game then and failed. Why should they bother now? We've seen them attempt to fix Halo 2's problems only to introduce more. They tried to adjust the firing rates of the weapons to be closer to the original game and then inadvertently messed up button combos slightly. 

    It's simply not worth the effort.

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    3 hours ago, TheIcePrincess said:

    Bold of you to assume Halo's defined by one trait and that one trait alone, lol.

    I only implied that sprint (and thereby advanced movement) is not Halo and that classic Halo is. I did not make any other implications or assertions.


    3 hours ago, My Namez BEAST said:

    I don't give a fuck what you call the game. Sprint is not worse than coin toss utility fights. Sorry. It's not even close. 

    If we are to disregard the name of the game completely and solely look at the gameplay, then we could easily make Halo 5 out to be from a completely different franchise.

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  4. 16 hours ago, Fixaimingsorry said:

    I hope 343 gets a clue and uses the dmr or Br as the main utility weapon. Look let’s be real here a pistol as the main weapon is dumb, you will not find a single game where the pistol is dominant, and this isn’t one of those things that’ll make halo look unique it’ll just be fucking stupid. The dmr is the most logical in the sense we want a powerful utility weapon, but low AA. Honestly dmr fits that category, great at range so sniper doesn’t become OP because it’ll be far easier to counter the sniper at a distance with a dmr, & the ttk easily can be lowered to 1 second. although the 1.3 seconds isn’t too big a deal. The weapon is also perfect as it’s not random at all(h5 dmr basically v7 dmr but higher bullet mag which clearly be grateful for less). All in all it’s a great utility weapon.   And I’ll say this again giving a weapon a skin to look like a Br,dmr,pistol as customization makes literally no sense unless they have a weapon specifically called “utility weapon”. No one likes a pistol over a rifle it’s honestly just stupid people that do. 

    Is this copied and pasted from Reddit?

  5. 9 minutes ago, Automaton said:

    That's what I thought, too. One of the players confirmed they were playing with a full squad. I tuned into the Twitch stream and yep, team of four.

    I'm assuming those restrictions don't apply to social playlists, perhaps? Either way, terrible idea.

    As far as I know party restrictions are only implemented in ranked playlists, which is really stupid. Social is pretty much the wild west.

  6. Idk if you guys all knew but they had a H2C hardcore playlist and the reason its gone and they're implementing those settings into the other H2 playlist is because nobody actually played. Its unfortunate but outside of the insider program I didn't get 1 game in the h2c hc playlist for over a month searching intermittently. So while its super unfortunate what they're doing is actually trying to help people who wanted to play those settings. It also (imo) has a lot to do with H2 having better settings on a modded H2 Vista version that anyone scrimming H2 is playing

    Nobody played it because firstly H2 MCC sucks, and secondly because they straight up used incorrect settings for some of the gametypes. No reason to play it when H2PC exists.


    I'd rather have H2 MLG mixed with arena than not at all, but it's still sad to see H2 get neglected like this.

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  7. I love the term "Classic Halo". It sounds elitest? Cool, thats because the first (3) games of this franchise changed gaming history, and everyone knows it.


    Why downplay it? Im good on that.


    Because it acknowledges the fact that Halo has changed (not evolved). I'm not saying change is bad, but rather (obviously) the way Halo has changed is. It's a microcosm for the divide of the community between the core golden formula and the addition of sprint and other gimmicks.


    When I say "I like Halo", I have to clarify that I like "classic" Halo, or "the older" Halo, because Halo 5 is still labeled "Halo" despite being a different game.

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  8. 2v2 is a great thing for Halo, that's undeniable, but I can't see it replacing 4v4 as the premier competitive experience or anything.


    And each of those games would fall apart competitively in a 2v2 setting. Halo doesn't. That's the beauty of it.



    It's true that 2v2 would bring in a lot more new blood than 4v4 and it'd be harder for casters to get familiar with every single player. But I think we can all agree new blood is a great thing for the Halo scene, and I know 2v2 would bring a lot in. Just grab one buddy and sign up. Less logistics to deal with.


    I might be in the minority but I really enjoy 2v2 CoD.

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