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  1. At least one thing had to go wrong... The new H2 custom settings are cool though.
  2. Because lots of people only look at weapons at surface level i.e. "how much damage does this do directly" and disregard utility entirely. Lots of people think the H1 pistol is overpowered, for example.
  3. Absolutely not. They tried to voice their concerns with the game then and failed. Why should they bother now? We've seen them attempt to fix Halo 2's problems only to introduce more. They tried to adjust the firing rates of the weapons to be closer to the original game and then inadvertently messed up button combos slightly. It's simply not worth the effort.
  4. I only implied that sprint (and thereby advanced movement) is not Halo and that classic Halo is. I did not make any other implications or assertions. If we are to disregard the name of the game completely and solely look at the gameplay, then we could easily make Halo 5 out to be from a completely different franchise.
  5. It's a simple ultimatum. Do you want sprint, or do you want a Halo game?
  6. OG Halo 1 sniper is way harder to use, not only mechanically but because it can also be contested by the pistol.
  7. You hit a weird shot in Halo 3 that looked like it shouldn't have hit. Shocker! Can't help but feel this entire conversation is just more unproductive hate on H3 that gets nowhere.
  8. As far as I know party restrictions are only implemented in ranked playlists, which is really stupid. Social is pretty much the wild west.
  9. GGs to Tox, Denial, and everyone else that played. Awesome weekend despite all the production issues, most entertaining Halo stream in recent memory.
  10. H1 2v2 was excellent, great job to everyone involved and to Patch and Legend for playing phenomenally.
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