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  1. Because reasons. I will say this for FFA, it's not just being #1. Rank affects stuff.
  2. Sticking around here for now. Nice thing about Activision is there are always several games in the ol' pipeline.
  3. If by "do the ranks" you mean design the ranking structure for BO3, then no. I came on after that had been done. I helped a bit after though.
  4. Hah hah, nah. I like both places. Just got a fun opportunity and went with my guy, ya know?
  5. The systems are pretty different. I didn't design BO3's system, just helped. Consider the timeline. I joined 343 2.5 years before ship, plenty of time to influence the design. I joined here less than a year before ship. Enough time to help tune an existing design.
  6. Oh, I dunno. Doesn't seem to matter, does it? I didn't design LoL's system, I think they were inspired by SC2 though. I personally prefer counting up because I personally find it easier to understand. Though I can see the attractiveness of always remembering the best tier since it's always "1" instead of remembering it's 6. So you can add lots of tiers and always know how far you have to go. I don't think there's an established standard for this though. Also, since Onyx counts up from 1500, maybe it'd be confusing to count down at first, and then up later?
  7. The current version actually exceeded my expectations --- and my expectations were pretty high given how well I know the folks working on it. There were compromises like everything, but given what I've seen so far, I'm pretty confident I their ability to improve things over time.
  8. I think he's referring to the fact that some playlists would not allow a party of N or more players to match against a full team of randos. It's a commonly used compromise in a lot of games. It works so-so. It does fracture the matchmaking, and does result in people who don't usual party up getting an uneven experience when they do.
  9. Not much really. I mean, the FPS and online gaming landscape has changed drastically since then. Also, my memory of queuing for that is extremely long wait times, and then getting owned by people who always queue as parties. As a noob myself (Gold 1!) my ideal (which no FPS I know of offers right now) would be to be able to party with friends, and match within a reasonable time against either a similar party, or 4 Platinum randos. There's no perfect solution I know of given the constraints. Just a handful of compromises and you gotta choose.
  10. Hey guys! Here's the thing. Why do you think LoL is changing it? I don't know for sure myself, but if you read the rest of their changes, it suggests it's a matchmaking time waiting issue. So if LoL, with their massive player base, doesn't have enough players to maintain a team vs. team only queue, I don't know what game DOES. Which means compromise. I personally like what StarCraft 2 did for 4v4, etc. If you queued up as a team of 4, you got a separate skill on that team. Then, when you matched against non-parties, it auto-statistically knew just how much synergy (or lack of it) your team had. If you were a full party of, e.g., Gold skilled players, you'd end up matched against 4 random Platinum players, and they would consistently go 50/50. The synergy of the party would make up for the higher skill of the randos. It results in even and fair matchmaking mathematically, but I'll admit that psychologically it still feels bad. But I think it's a decent compromise because you can have faster matchmaking, but still fair matches when you do have to do parties vs. non-parties.
  11. Hey Guys, Josh here. Only posting because I read this and I just gotta say I worked hand and hand w/ Quinn my entire time at 343 and --- no offense, --- but this statement is totally incorrect. I won't go into details, but I've known a lot of amazing designers between Blizzard and 343 and in my opinion, Quinn is right for Halo. He definitely cares, both about making Halo 5 amazing, and about making it Halo. We had a similar situation making Starcraft 2 vs. the original, and I saw the outcome there and how those decisions were made. So based on that experience and my experience w/ Quinn at 343, I gotta refute that comment. Again, no offense, just gotta say it.
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