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  1. Can I play customs cross platform (Xbox/PC)? My brother got Halo 5: Forge for Windows 10 and was wondering if he could join me in custom games while I am on the Xbox One console. Is it possible?
  2. Han Solo gets frozen in the geometry!
  3. That is THIS Saturday. Since I was in it I am going to do some shameless promoting! Be sure to tune in or set your DVR! The name of the movie is The Wrong Car and you can watch the trailer here. I was also in two other Lifetime movies if you want to check them out: The Assault: IMDb page and trailer. Fatal Flip: IMDb page and trailer. YES THESE MOVIES ARE CHEESY BUT AS A COLLEGE STUDENT LOOKING TO GET INTO THE FILM/TV INDUSTRY, THEY ARE A GOOD START.
  4. BO3's theater mode is pretty crappy compared to BO1's and BO2's. Example.
  5. I was playing Nightmares when Hendricks got a little heated. This lasted the whole mission. LINK.
  6. Dan Bunting confirms that BO3 will feature 4 player split screen! It was lacking in Ghosts and AW (the max was 2 players). Thank you Treyarch!
  7. Who else is checking into American Horror Story: Hotel tonight? My college is holding a viewing party so that is pretty cool.
  8. I dare someone to post this video to /r/blackops3 and watch the shit show that happens.
  9. I don't think the Cerberus is supposed to do this.
  10. I'm an Xbox One player and after all day of playing the beta here is my feedback: The game itself is fun, I don't think it feels like any other Call of Duty game before it. To me, it feels completely new (that isn't a bad thing). However there are a few things I would like to address so here we go... Stability, framerate, and lag: When I move I feel clunky and something just feels off. It may be a combination of lag and the fact that the game isn't fully polished yet but whatever it is, you can notice the framerate drop drastically. The characters also have more weight to them than in previous CoDs. I feel like I am controlling a soldier from Battlefield 4. PS. Can we adjust our look sensitivity? Hit detection and TTK: TTK is way too high and the garbage hit detection from BO2 is back, however this may be caused because of the lag/bad stability. Guns: A lot of the guns feel very similar to each other (especially ARs and SMGs). This could possibly be fixed by changing the noise they make when firing, right now they all sound like the FAMAS from BO1. Characters and maps: Players blend into the map way too easily and this makes it hard to shoot people from a distance. The maps are all pretty bland and similar in terms of both design and layout. I can't wait to play the snow map because that one at least looks visually different. Specialist weapons: IMO they should not have a time limit/go away when you die. I feel like they should be able to be used until you run out of ammo because rather than enjoy using them after I earn them, I find myself panicking to use them before I die or run out of time. UI: The UI in this game is awful. The CaC screen doesn't show your full weapon, there is text on top of other text, and the loading screen before a game is visually unappealing. There has to be a different way to show all that stuff without it looking so bad.
  11. No Hardline in Black Ops 3 and if you want to get the equivalent of it (Combat Focus) you have to play as a female (the Seraph). WTF, David Vonderhaar?!
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