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  1. Why do we even bother trying anymore? We havent gotten a good game since 2007. (Some would say 2004, some would say 2001).
  2. Any other ram you suggest I get? Also will 8gb be ok or should i get more for streaming purposes
  3. What do u mean by less ricer? Also any answers for my questions?
  4. So as it stands I have GPU: radeon r9 280 CPU: Intel i7 4790k Mobo: MSI z97 G45 PSU: Seasonic M12ii 620 Cooling: 212 Evo RAM: Kingston HyperX Savage 8GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Case: Corsair 300R What competitive settings do players use for SC2? Link to any articles or threads for competitive SC2 settings? Ive been hearing that pro players tend to play on low/medium so maybe these specs im paying for arent what I need and are actually overkill? I just want to play SC2 on the most competitive settings as smoothly as possible as well as Minecraft on max settings. The reason for i7 is because i wanna twitch stream as well, do you think thats overkill or no? As for keyboards I've definitley been leaning towards the Razer BW Ultimate Stealth and the Razer BW Tournament Stealth. I dont really have any need for the tenkey since i dont use the number pad much on my tenkey keyboard i have now Also any changes or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  5. Answered your question (with a question) in my other thread!
  6. For OS i'm still debating between Windows 7 and 8.1 but havent decided which would be better. My main focus (to answer your question from the other thread I had) is to play SC2 competitively and Minecraft on the side, and I hope to be able to max settings these games with no lag whatsoever (if I'm overkilling please let me know) and at the same time I am deciding whether or not a tenkeyless keyboard is better or worse for competitive SC2 (hence my decision between Razer BW tournament or ultimate) (i would also do stealth versions to get brown switches rather than blue)
  7. Forsure! Do i have to add anything for audio or like wifi? Like I said I'm completely new to this haha
  8. So I've opted to switch to the r9 280, however would you say I need 520w psu or 620. This is the first pc ive ever built btw
  9. Thinking about upgrading the motherboard to the Asus z97 pro
  10. Thoughts on the motherboard as well if I plan to overclock? And PSU ok or should i go for 620
  11. I was told to swap my GPU to the R9 280? Any other pieces you suggest I swap in or out? And thoughts on the case? I just want to be able to completely max out SC2 and Minecraft
  12. Topic says all, which would be more recommend for Starcraft 2 competitive play? (Ive done a lot of research and found these two to be the most comfortable for me, I just am not sure whether or not tenkeyless is better for SC2 or not)
  13. ^ all depends on your play style. All 3 are viable, dont pick one just because ppl say its better than another. Watch gameplay and see which one you'd think you like
  14. This excites me! Maybe we'll see a shift in professional play since Protoss has been overpopulating lately
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