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  1. How does one join this company? I'd be a great help IMO nvm I found out how but don't know one I should join.
  2. Do you realize that the population would be so stretched out that you'd be playing the same people over and over till they quit because they're tired of playing the same guy over and over.
  3. Not gonna lie, sometimes I get in those moods and think its funny that you walked the flag all the way back but then I take it and cap it...
  4. Def warlord 5v5, but lockdown is still horrible 5v5.
  5. Everyone else think games are more laggy since the update? It was never this bad. Also I feel like H3 shot registration has gotten worse since the update...
  6. I just searched alone in team slayer and then got destroyed in foundation smg starts, but wait how could it get worse?! The whole other team were all buddies and were all on each others friends list. Edit: Switched to HCS by myself...huge mistake. Honestly 343 you didn't even create the games and you some how managed to fuck it up this bad? Honestly you could have left out shitty H4 because lets face it...we don't care.
  7. I agree with that, but I think it'll only happen once every 5 quits without a completed game, so I don't think i'll ever have to deal with it.
  8. add me if you keep running into games with bad teammates GT: Lordyamz
  9. The worst glitch in this game though would have to be the respawn timer getting stuck. This game has even killed the moral of Halo's biggest supporters, it's honestly so sad.
  10. I wonder how many kills have been lost so far thanks to shots not registering on H2C, So Aggravating.
  11. Bring back crouch jump and ghandi hopping and make ground pound to be used by pressing both LB and RB, if not remove it entirely.

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