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  1. Any plans for making Onslaught or Amplified?
  2. For me it depends, how would the aim assist work on smoke grenades? If your reticle turns red when you're aiming at someone through the smoke, then there's really no point in using a smoke grenade on anyone except snipers. If the smoke makes your reticle turn white, that'll be like strongsiding on steroids. Ryanoob will be national champion. Also, this would be the first time in competitive halo history that spray-and-pray would become the most viable option, in certain scenarios. I think I'd prefer a flare grenade, like the powerup from Halo 3. It's more halo-ish, and it rewards players that know the maps so well they can play with their eyes closed, without creating aim assist problems
  3. This needs to be kept in because most of the maps suck. I have no interest in playing Solace or Exile every other game. If the maps are actually good, then that's a different story
  4. Both Brake and NocturnalKernal told me they are for sure competing again Hoping they pick up Ryanoob and Goofy
  5. No, they won't. There have always been more Snipedown fanboys than Ogre 2 fanboys
  6. .....just changed my vote from Ambush to Classic
  7. Lightning Flag from Action Sack has NS and should be weapon tuned. You would have to change a lot of game options though.
  8. Yeah but not just single player offline I'm talking about system link. XB1 will have dedicated servers so they might do away with system link
  9. My thought was to keep the Power Drain/Pulse Grenade at 5 seconds, and make the Flame Grenade 10-20 seconds with practically no damage dealt
  10. Tbh I think I'd rather see the sentinel beam as a Forerunner turret And for grenades I'd like to see the frag, plasma, flame, and pulse grenades. You can't just take out the plasma nade, too many people like it as is, myself included. I would however like to see flame grenades return. I thought they were a great concept in H3 and would like to see them fit more of a strategical role and be extremely weak, but have a very long life. Great ideas though, I would love an Energy Spear
  11. 1.) Pistola 2.) Ogre 2 3.) ElamiteWarrior 4.) Heinz 5.) Lunchbox 6.) Walshy 7.) Roy 8.) Defy 9.) Ryanoob 10.) Legit
  12. I live in Houston. Been trying to find Texas LANs for months now. Check your inbox, Akuma GT: Mastcrmind

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