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  1. officially done with this game. h2v and og only from here on out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bus3aKo7vGA
  2. just in case y'all wanted to see some halo 2:
  3. my main game is h2 but i'm down to fill in for any game if you guys ever find yourself needing one.
  4. whats wrong with kennesaw? all the girls are super hot and there's bars everywhere
  5. just moved to Kennesaw area. always happy to LAN if some one needs one.
  6. Lot of h2 MCC live stream highlights in here thought i'd share. Also you can catch eyewitness footage of me being attacked by a flesheating flying cockroach cyborg.
  7. not sure if there is a thing called highlight leftovers but these are some clips i didn't use in my most recent highlight video:
  8. It's harder to switch back than you think, plus thats not a game wide fix. OG timing is only on gametypes with h2x in their name.
  9. lol'd at the bold. I don't really quad shot in serious games, which is all i really played on MCC. It's not that i couldn't quad i just chose not to. All the regular kids on vista are bad and i spawn with secondary in half the servers so why not quad.
  10. New installment with clips i recently got putzing around on vista:
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