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  1. Is there any word on adding a FOV slider to MCC on XB as well?
  2. People can praise Halo4 for bringing life to the chief, having more lore for the forerunners and all that all they want, in the end, it was the only Halo game I had to push myself to finish and it took me 6 years and an MCC achievement to play it again. Fighting robot bugs not only looked stupid, it played shit as well. The Didact, to me, was a boring antagonist. I just don't like those cheesy "evil super villain" stories. It didn't help that he looked like someone bleached an Oblivion Daedra that was equipped with jedi powers...
  3. If those people are so bad, why do you care about their "hardware disadvantage", a high framerate won't help if you suck. I get your frustration but, again, having "nothing but shitters" is most likely the result of the game having just very few good players left but a bunch of shitters because it's on game pass and without those shitters, you probabaly wouldn't be able to find games in social either... The situation sucks, I get that, but trying to make it worse for those who do enjoy splitscreen won't help you.
  4. @TheIcePrincess 2v4 games really isn't something that only happens when playing with/against splitscreen...I'd even argue that, if you're living in a low population area, splitscreen only helps you getting games faster. And going by my experience, most (not all!) splitscreen players are usually around the same skill as the main account, you get you fair share of thumbless idiots but you get those even without splitscreen... I'd guess removing the game from the game pass would help you more then removing splitscreen.
  5. Seeing kids having a meltdown over how "it's just a sidearm!!!!" kinda is my #1 argument for keeping the utility a pistol. BR/DMR/pistol/etc. skins for your utility would still be me favorite...
  6. B I get it, H3's BR sucks and all but, as Hard Way said, code based spread was just part of the problem. I'd take it over Sprint any day If you have a full and active friendlist, sure. I'm not that active anymore, if I find time tp play some games, I want to hop on MM without having to worry abount not getting enough players together
  7. isn't that the kind of stuff 343 is saying for years now? Even if they would listen, they need to listen to the right people...
  8. OK, thanks, if they actually told them it would be H:I it probably is H:I
  9. Does it say infinite anywhere? I wouldn't be surprised if 343 simply gave out some random (unused) H5 concept art, this building looks way too much like the H5 WZ base?!
  10. yeah, keeping sprint but getting rid of thrust sounds way too stupid...while I'm still waiting for a Halo with no gimmicks, I'm under the impression that, even among those that are anti sprint, thrust is the thing people would have the least problem with, and quite frankly, if I had to pick one SA that had to stay, I'd go with thrust as well. I'm actually rather curious when 343 is going to drop the bomb whether or not they will still use sprint and all that other bullshit... I think we're at a point where all that hype could turn into a shit storm rather fast if 343 fucks up their next move...
  11. I do think having equipment instead of SA/AA would be something I could live wih but please, don't let there be a Jetpack in Halo ever again...
  12. I'm thinking more like 10%-2019, 90%-2020. A more interesting question would be: when are we going to get the first "test flight"? My guess would be around this time next year with first gameplay beeing shown at the next e3 but who knows...maybe they will wait for early 2020.
  13. Again, try to look at the bigger picture here. MS is making some rather big investments in their gaming sector (buying new studios) do you really think it was 343s idea to burn money on an new engine when they could easily half-ass their way through development like they did with 4/5? Or does it sound a little more realistic that maybe MS handed out more money just so 343 can develop an new engine and they would have never seeen anything of that money if not for the development of that new engine. Maybe I'm wrong all along, we're both stating speculations after all, but as much as I distrust 343 and as long of a way they still have to go until I get excited about a new Halo again, I don't think we should give them shit where non is due (yet). There is enough of stuff where having a having "a healthy "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude" is the right way to go, I'm right there with you but in my eyes, seeing MS investing in a new engine is the best news since 343 took over...only time will tell if the engine sucks or not
  14. I'm not saying your reasoning is wrong but this is not how this industry works though. The overwhelming majority of AAA games is still coming out september-november, sure some might come out in spring but it's usually stuff that either wasn't ready for a fall release or something the publisher doesn't have much faith in (there are some very few exections though.)
  15. sadly, the only game of that list I actually care about is Gears 5 (+the new Doom), I really don't get the hype about all those shared world games like Destiny/Division/Anthem/Fallou 76... It's still their biggest franchise no matter if it and the community have taken lots of hits over the last decade, it's like doing a direct to DVD release for the next star wars movie because people didn't like Solo (what I really cannot understand tbh, it's a good movie...)

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