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  1. I am setting up a standing monitor stand (bought some parts, and will be making others) for my living room, so that It's easier for me to play competitively on my Xbox. Then I can pull it out when needed. If you want to play a bit of split gate on the xbox after that we can I won't play competitively on my xbox until I have a monitor stand and monitor in place, but I can play on the PC with a controller Even though I am mostly winning in Splitgate on Steam it feels demotivating just knowing I am on unbalanced ground. That is why I am setting up this stuff.
  2. About the grenades.. I was thinking the same as you, but after playing it for 15 hours I am not sure they would go well with the portals. Possibly. You are basically your own grenade.. You make someone 1-short and then portal behind them.. And then after that you portal across to the other side of the map to look for people, and if they are not there, you portal back, and then you portal somewhere else!! Literally, in this one square map, that's is all I do. Portal around and around using the corners.
  3. I 100% agree. I still would not want sprint etc, but it is better than all of 343 Halo games. I discovered it randomly today, and Have had a 4-5 hours of fun
  4. Decided to make a Halo rank for fun, what do you think? Some kind of general rank :)
  5. With every release of a Halo game they try to catch a bit of the fanbase by playing the nostalgia card and saying things like: equal starts, is what makes Halo, Halo. Older games had it, we have it too, they are both true Halo games. If you like the old games, you will like this one too. Now they are saying the Sandbox is what makes a Halo game. Older games had it, and we have it too, so this is also a true Halo game. This marketing tactic really isn't going to work anymore because with every release you disappoint, and we don't believe you anymore. To the people who always loved Halo, like me, it is something different than the people who makes the game now, people who were hired because they didn't like the Halo games. There are many improvements to this game I think, like the cool vehicle improvements, the academy, the bots, the spartan models, the AI, but WHAT truly makes a Halo game, to the older fans, still isn't there in this game.
  6. Game looks bad. Wont buy it. Cyberpunk game of the year :)
  7. Ah, okey. I am aware, but wasn't aware of the terminology. So how does it work in Halo 3 PC then?
  8. Wondering if my pc can run Halo 3 MCC. It's gonna be my way into computer gaming.
  9. Definitely from lots of thumb movement, and holding the controller a bit weird. I am clawing, but the xbox one controller never felt natural to me. Still hurts one day after. Sucks as I really wanted to level up in doubles.
  10. For the first ever in my 15 years of console gaming I have wrist/bottom thumb pain. PICTURE HERE Anyone had this before?
  11. Gaming platforms I own: N64, Gamecube, WII, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one. and some handhelds. For the first time ever I am thinking of switching to either PC or PS5. Xbox is really only big in North America nowadays, and I am thinking in terms of competitive gameplay that switching to the PC or PS4 is a good move with regards to player population and connection host - and that those things are going to be better for you on those platforms vs xbox if you live anywhere in the world except for North America. I am doing some 3d modelling/animation as a hobby and beefing up on a modelling/gaming pc wouldn't be a bad move. What about you?
  12. I liked it though I must admit it could be very hard to fight back if you were on the losing team. You only had a couple of chances, like if spawning by the water, obtain the br in cave going re-generator, wait for camo, wait for snipe, or go to the hillside and obtain bubble shield, and then push from the side.
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