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  1. This forum seems very slow nowadays? Slow as in that there isn't this much activity here. Is this true?
  2. I had so many great games in H3 on MCC, but when I turned on my xbox a few days after a 2 hour period is missing? I got the games saved from 09pm to 11pm, and then it skips all the games from 11pm to 2 am.
  3. I like Fortnite more than Halo 4 and Halo 5. I don't really play either, but were I to start playing a game again competitively it would be Fortnite. For the most part it doesn't have anything to do with the big maps, the amount of players, or the fact that you can gather things and build with them. * The aiming feels smooth * Unfortunately you have sprint, but but whenever you pull up your weapon it feels instant. There isn't this delay like in Halo 4 and 5. * You can't sprint up to someone, pummel them once and then deplete all their shields * I said this many years ago but a fast paced game isn't a selling point. It isn't what attracts players. You need to give players something to do, whether you just died, or is wandering alone trying to find players - That is what actually sells. Involvement, at all times. Halo 5 has long open boring maps with nothing to do when you are looking for other players. In fortnite you'll gather resources, while in the older Halo games the maps are smaller so you'll find enemies pretty easily for the most part (Or if the maps are linear and it is only one way to go). Obviously, when you are getting better at the game you will learn where players are at all times, what you should do, and shouldn't do during the cycle of a game. A dead player in a high level game will won't twiddle their thumbs waiting to respawn, but will instead call out and help their teammates scout for enemies, but a beginner player will, they will put their hands up on their chin, let out a big yawn, and wait to respawn. * Obviously building is a huge part of the meta in fortnite when battling another player. Winning a battle against another player doesn't feel cheap.
  4. Reminds me, I bought Halo 5 used to not give them a sale.
  5. I managed to win quite a few 2 vs 4 in Halo against levels 40+. I also managed to win 1 vs 2 against 50's in doubles. I have seen games where people have won 1vs2 50s in flag - That is insane. I think I have seen 1 game where 1 person managed to win 1 vs 3 50 TS game.
  6. I liked it until I played it online and figured out the only viable strategy is catapults.
  7. It's hilarious when someone that isn't even close to reaching the skill ceiling in any of the games talk about skill gap.
  8. Yes, the games suck, and they have for the past 8 years. Yet, a lot of you still play them constantly - It's weird. What you want is never coming back.
  9. Let's throw out some individual mechanics we think we will see in the game and see who get it's right.
  10. I am hoping for a Mario Kart / Smash clone for the xbox. Also, I heard MCC is getting updates. How is it going?
  11. I stopped playing Halo competitively when Reach came out. I have never managed to come back since. Just a few hundred games in the games after. I still occasionally visit the Halo forums tho.

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