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  1. I managed to win quite a few 2 vs 4 in Halo against levels 40+. I also managed to win 1 vs 2 against 50's in doubles. I have seen games where people have won 1vs2 50s in flag - That is insane. I think I have seen 1 game where 1 person managed to win 1 vs 3 50 TS game.
  2. I liked it until I played it online and figured out the only viable strategy is catapults.
  3. It's hilarious when someone that isn't even close to reaching the skill ceiling in any of the games talk about skill gap.
  4. Yes, the games suck, and they have for the past 8 years. Yet, a lot of you still play them constantly - It's weird. What you want is never coming back.
  5. Let's throw out some individual mechanics we think we will see in the game and see who get it's right.
  6. I am hoping for a Mario Kart / Smash clone for the xbox. Also, I heard MCC is getting updates. How is it going?
  7. I stopped playing Halo competitively when Reach came out. I have never managed to come back since. Just a few hundred games in the games after. I still occasionally visit the Halo forums tho.
  8. I think they served quite a different purpose back in the time. I don't know about now, but the sentinel beam used to deal much damage in a straight line, while the plasma rifle dealt more damage to the shield but only if the person were close enough.
  9. Nah, they are actually pretty good. It depends on the map obviously but in rooms or the smaller maps they are pretty effective. You don't try to stick people with it generally, but instead, stick the wall with it.
  10. I haven't played a lot of matches in any Halo games with holograms, but I can imagine it is easy to spot the difference because of several reasons. Good players pretty much always have an idea of where you are, and you always have a pretty good idea of where they are, and so a good player most likely wouldn't run past a doorway without looking at you, while a hologram would. The decision in just running past a doorway in itself is questionable and suspicious in high level game play. Is there incentive for a good player to actually do that? If not, you might already there know the spartan is a hologram.
  11. I can't find a game in anything. So much for backwards compatible..
  12. Anyone that his this problem where their xbox live gold membership number is stuck on a specific year? On xbox one it is stuck on 7 years, but on the xbox 360 I think it is 10 years.

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