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  1. That would be the best option I agree but 343 seem pretty set on sprint
  2. Balancing idea: I have what I think is a decent idea for how sprint and thruster should be balanced, imagine both are linked to your shield so the lower your shield the slower your sprint and smaller your thrust. So when your put no shields you have no thrust or sprint until you let shields come back. I think this would stop escaping in bad situations imagine going down 2 shots and then trying to thrust away, with half shields you would only thrust half distance leaving you still open to shots which would make your sprint none existent also the attacker would still have full thrust and sprint to give him even more advantage this would push bad players to fight back and try out shoot instead of escaping. I think it would also promote using thrust in 1v1 tactics you get down half shields then use a half thrust as a strafe to help turn the fight in your favour. I know this still doesn't solve other big problems with sprint but it would be a good step in the right direction. What do people think? Typed on my phone so sorry if it doesn't read correctly

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