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  1. This precise focus of spartans has ruined Halo multiplayer. It has brung a mother load of bad ideas and decisions into this franchise. And I strongly believe that if spartans weren't cattered to as they are in multiplayer we wouldn't have sprint. Also these abilities and maps we put up with in Reach-H4-H5. I could only dream of how Halo could have played if we had a vast character selection to play with in multiplayer. Such as playing as a Promethean soldier, The Didact, Elites (of course). Also some old faces like the Arbiter, The rookie (H3ODST) The flood (if done right) ,Avery Johnson(leave the cigar in his mouth) Miranda Keyes ect. This would be more enjoyable then having unlockable armor and helmets which are over and underwhelming at best. Besides I've been there and done that in previous games. We need some variety in Halo. We have variety of weapons but not variety in characters. It feels out of place picking up an alien weapon when you can't even be one of them. It gives off a "not finished" experience. I think It's time for a change already. Keep the Master Chief in but let the spartans take a back seat in multiplayer. Let the players decide who they want to play as rather then cramming turboman down our throats. I've been ready for this. Heck I've been ready since H2.
  2. Why honor someone who was such pro sprint? He didn't even take the forum polls seriously when people voted here. Very dismissive when he replied on twitter about the results.
  3. I agree to the list ,but sprint is not the problem it's the maps they need help. Weather I have the ability to sprint or not Halo 5 maps in my opinion are not fun. I like big maps and small maps. We need to outshine the prevoius. Halo 6 needs to delilver better maps than H5.
  4. Wow you guys still playing this game? LOL...I dont even remember the peoples names from 343 anymore. I could google but who cares this game was trash and always will be bad.
  5. We live in a day, in an era where Halo Reach has gotten backwards compatibility before Halo 3. Now think about that guys and what does that mean to competitive halo. I think alot of people underestimated Reach's popularity. I guess the majority likes sprint spartan/armor abilities. I honestly dont see how giving ''feedback'' will change anything drastically in Halo 5. This game will continue to have bad maps and get out of jail free cards on deck.
  6. Just played Halo Reach for a couple of hours...WOW now this feels like a Halo game unlike 5. Smfh
  7. Pardon me, but if im going to war in the field of combat i will not be thinking of a drink afterwards. I would be thinking of getting Vale and Tanaka sweet ass alone to my head quarters. #SPACEBROS
  8. I will buy Halo 5 when BTB is fully implemented. That should give them time to work out first launch fiascos. And when I get my copy I :prayers:the update wont be over 20GB :grunt:
  9. Just voted for Halo Reach on backwards compatibility and It felt good. You know why 343? It has Elites and Split-Screen. The community has spoken.
  10. Energy Bayonets WTF is this shit. So you wont put Elites in multiplayer but you put ''Energy Bayonets''. Mind you weaponry tech from Covenant Species on top of Human UNSC gun. LOL This shit makes no sense like getting killed with a traffic cone in H3.
  11. Was watching some Stockpile and Headhunter game-types from Reach. I don't know why they haven't picked these up. They are alot of fun and look far better to watch than Breakout.
  12. yo yo let me kick a freetyle yooooooooo..Warzone Warzone/ it made me jizz, pardon the hormone/. Their is a warzone in my stomach, your fat? your not alone/ I eat hotdogs and bananas like Josh Holmes/ No BTB? I will not condone/ In the summer time im darker than Agent Locke/ In the winter im white as chalk/ My first weapon goes BOOM, the second BLAKKA/ I am married to Tanaka/
  13. I would give up both my legs If I can just play Warzone right now. Frustrated that no one is using the Needler. Underrated weapon which gets no respect. The Mantis looks like it runs slower and having shorter cool down compared to Halo 4. Apparently the Guardians are too big for even Warzone. Still would of love to see one in the far background sky.
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