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  1. Getting de-scoped across the map with an AR is so hilariously bad, how does that sort of thing survive a few test sessions let alone make it all the way to launch. Stuff like that along with no friendly fire or collision show that there really are no limits to 343s Incompetence.
  2. I actually can't aim for shit in this game, I have no idea what is going on because I can play cs:go, valorant, siege and apex perfectly fine but my aim in infinite feels like bambi on ice.
  3. Exactly they always go on about how many options there are to tune things but how often do they ever actually do anything with all those options? From playing the flight and tweaking the settings to 130% jump height the game is automatically improved and doesn't require you clamber for every fucking jump, I honestly just want one person from 343 to explain what they think clamber actually adds to the game, it's fucking tragic.
  4. After fucking about in customs with these settings and then going into matchmaking it feels like almost every jump requires clamber and it just makes the game feel so start and stop, some areas on Bazaar are so egregious like the back alley area arequires like jump+clamber x2 to get up to rockets or the rifle room it's so clunky when all it needs is 125% jump height and it turns into two jumps with clamber there if you fuck it up. It's actually infuriating how close the game is to being decent because I don't even expect 343 to tweak it.
  5. nosprint_noclamber Honestly what does sprint and clamber actually add to this game that increased movement and jump height doesnt do better, clamber is such a fucking mind boggling addition to Halo , it feels like it exists to solve a problem it creates?
  6. This aiming has got me questioning wether or not I've ever been able to aim, between the aiming, ar/pistol balance and the fucking scoreboard infuriatingly being on a toggle I'm thinking I'll once again be giving another halo a pass.
  7. How fucked is it that a studio created as the custodians of a franchise have done nothing but manage it's decline for the past decade. How people didn't walk after MCC is beyond me.
  8. Had a look back and I don't think anyone has posted these yet? Glorious classic forerunner architecture baby.
  9. Obviously it can't all be on 343 but it is mental how far Halo has fallen since Reach. I used to lurk the shit out of those forums to get in on testing the competetive maps you guys would make, I know forgehub is still kinda alive but is there anyone even forging right now or anywhere else people gather for map discussions and shit?
  10. Give me the floating orbs of energy any day.
  11. Weirdly might be one of my biggest gripes from the flight, I got a chance to play it on a friends laptop and it ran so poorly it was hard to judge anything gameplay wise. The medals though are just not good enough they've completely stripped them of any and all character, stuck them in tiers and called it a day. I think I'm right in saying all multikill and streak medals after overkill and killing frenzy are just red. I don't think there is even an argument to be made, these are worst medals in the history of the franchise.
  12. Sprint is basically a placebo lmao Hopefully the "Spartans should able to sprint" types think they won.
  13. Thanks nah I just genuinely didn't see them in the menu lol
  14. I remade nexn's map aquaduct just to explore the h2a palette, can anybody tell me where the hell the killzones are ?
  15. It's the textures I miss there was so much variation in the textures and how you could use each piece, I just don't like these H2A textures which is pretty much limited to green metal and concrete. and fuck whoever messed around with mah brace large xD.
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