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  1. What is the likeliness of them removing sprint if we don't insult them as apposed to insulting them?
  2. Favors? It's considered a favor to us if they make the game we buy something we like. Nice man.
  3. The assault rifle and SMG need to be nerfed to the ground so that people who want better kill times actually need to move their right stick to do so by using: Battle Rifles or DMR's.
  4. Opinions so far: 1. Sprint + Thruster is a get out of jail free card. The solution I have come to is instead of stopping shield recharging while (and after for 4 seconds) you're sprinting you should make it so when you're shields are weak you can't go into sprint. Think about it imagine someone attacks you and you immediately just walk around a corner and now they are chasing you if you can get away long enough to recharge your shields with one thruster then awesome you earned it but if you use sprint and then thruster to put as much distance as possible between you and your opponent to be able to then crouch in a corner for 4 seconds to recharge your shields then the mechanic is tragic. Thruster gives the player more options as it gives way to make a "reversal" or to get to cover or to simply aid in an escape whereas sprint is only useful in the latter when someone has first shot/nade on you. This is why I believe you should only be able to sprint when you have full shields. 2. The overwhelming amount of flinch/recoil doesn't serve to make the game more skillful but only to make it more inconsistent IMO. 3. This is a fundamental problem with the game and how sprint affects it so feel free to ignore this point. Sprint slows the game down sooo much, the maps are still too big and the lines of sight are funky at best man. I find myself looking for players so much more than in Halo 2 Anniversary which if you enter a game in on lets say the map Warlock you will constantly hear shooting, grenading, shotgunning, etc whereas in this game I literally feel like I am looking/waiting for players most of the time. So since I don't want to hop onto the blame sprint bandwagon I will say that the way the game flows is still too slow paced in the sense of what is actually going on in the game not in the sense of am I going fast enough with this unlimited sprint and thruster pack I have. This needs to be fixed but I have no idea how, my only solution is to make the maps smaller and more open but don't think that would work with sprint so I think you need to make the line of sights a bit better on all the maps so players have more angles for cross mapping. That's all for now guys and on the brightside I think the individual skill gap is amazing in terms of gunskill and I appreciate it 343! PS: Make it so I can disable impulse triggers as soon as possible they annoy me to no end
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