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  1. Oh God, I played some games and actually enjoyed it. I'm worried about how it will work competitively but it isn't quite as terribad as I thought.
  2. Surely just FFA, lol. With that said, there wouldn't be such a risk of people teaming up if the map wasn't so big and you didn't have time to hunt people down before someone starts shooting you.
  3. This hurts me inside but I respect your opinion.
  4. I'd like to run games if you're still looking. GT: sSykology
  5. I've been playing Halo since H2, but logged the most hours on H3. I'm not new to the series obviously, but I'm absolutely rusty. I have no event experience (long story) but circumstances have changed where I can go to events easily. I'm an engineering major and my time is pretty limited. Thus, I want mature teammates who don't get involved in bullshit and would be down to set official hours for practice/scrims. As far as my personal play style, I am absolutely not a "main slayer." I like to be the brains of the operation. If there is little communication I'll put up a nice neg K/D; if there's good communication I'll go off. If you want a guy on your team that takes the game seriously but undoubtedly needs to work his way back into competitive Halo, hit me up. I don't care if you are a TO3, TO2, or TO1. If you're annoyed by the type of teammate that spends a lot of time on strats I'm not your guy. GT: sSykology
  6. Why the hell can't things like sprint and all this other garbage have a toggle on/off option? I played one game, nearly wept, and shut down the xbone.
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