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  1. Numzi here. My team recently had our fourth leave to focus on school so we need a new fourth.


    Criteria: Callouts, Communication, Maturity, No ego, must be able to pull your own against Champion level gameplay in both Slayer and Arena. We need someone who's ready to play everyday.


    Serious players only. We're not looking for someone who wants a temporary team or anything. We need someone who is trying to go far as possible and able to give and take critique so we can grow as a team.


    We are on now. Message me on XBL for runs! GT is the same as Username.

  2. My brother and I are ready to work our ****** off in both Arena and Customs in order to make it big at events both online and offline (if applicable in the future). We are looking for two more good, serious, and adaptable (able to work as a team including constructive criticism) players who have a go-pro goal. We are both East Coast. I'm in Boston, MA and he's in Springfield, MA.


    If you fit the criteria and know that no matter how good you are there is room for growth, then send me a message on XBL (GT is same as forum name) or post here.


    Thanks and looking forward to progressing together!

  3. Listen to this video at 1 hour 11 minutes into it.

    What's great about this vid is that it proves just how great the halo series is. 



    Haha I knew they were good, but didn't know Gandhi considered them top 2 together. Thanks for the insight. With everything I see about Halo nowadays, I get more and more excited for MCC. I can't wait for Tuesday.

  4. Probably was afraid of Ogres dominating the event on individual screens with OG 1 playing overseas as they've never dropped a game of 2v2 at MLG ever....lol


    Lol I was honestly like 8 when CE first released ( I still played it since release day thanks to my brother, though) so I didn't really follow anything competitive besides 8 hours a day (no exaggeration) of split screen 2v2s and FFAs lol. I got really into being competitive with my brothers in CE, but online, I started following the tournaments a little after H2 released so I have no clue about the best CE players. :( I do remember the brothers being top-notch in Halo 2 2v2s though lol

  5. Destiny is just a filler. I have 3 characters at level 29 and have beaten the raid on hard multiple times. Game is a joke compared to what MCC will be.


    Anyways...is this Halo Championship series going to feature Halo CE mostly 2v2 MLG settings as it should?

    Currently they only said it starts with H2A and will end up being H5.

  6. I was actually playing Destiny almost non-stop while waiting for MCC. I mean like for the month or two that it's been out. Now that we are fInally this close to its release and with this eSports announcement, there is nothing I care about besides expressing my excitement for this. I have no words to show how happy I am for this! I mean, for those who didn't give up completely (I almost did!), good job staying strong. We have a future again!

  7. Where are you supposed to shoot him lol? I was just aiming for his face. :P

    Right around his chest, there is a spot that sticks out like a blob of fat. That's his weakness. It's pretty difficult to get straight shots there since his attack is so strong, but it's doable. After beating him the first time or two, it becomes not-so-hard unless you're doing a higher level strike mission with random people. 

  8. The bullet magnetism on the BR only applies to the first bullet of the burst, the other two bullets follow a separate, random path.


    I wouldn't say they are too easy. I would say they are easy than other Halos, especially Halo 3. The problem is that there is no strafe in this game, or at least a serious lack there of. With the recent movement increase, it has gotten a little better, but it's still not as prevalent as it should be in a halo game. The only way to get a true destructive strafe is with speed boost, which is why I think it should be involved in competitive settings, but that's a conversation for another day.


    Anyway, I don't think it's too easy. I think it's not difficult enough, sure. But not too easy.



    Got it!  Thanks haha

  9. There are, but because of the time difference, it'll be hard to find them. I have a few on my list. There are many I think. They have tournaments and all for Halo so the answer is yes. :) If you know Japanese, I can try introducing you to them one of these days when we play again.

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