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  1. Numzi here. My team recently had our fourth leave to focus on school so we need a new fourth. Criteria: Callouts, Communication, Maturity, No ego, must be able to pull your own against Champion level gameplay in both Slayer and Arena. We need someone who's ready to play everyday. Serious players only. We're not looking for someone who wants a temporary team or anything. We need someone who is trying to go far as possible and able to give and take critique so we can grow as a team. We are on now. Message me on XBL for runs! GT is the same as Username.
  2. My brother and I are looking for 2 GOOD (at least high onyx in Arena or Slayer) players to team with for the championship. If you are qualified, have a mic, and can work/learn as a team, message me or him. Looking forward. XBL: Numzi Twitter: @Numzi_ XBL: Vexaerium Twitter: ^
  3. My brother and I are ready to work our ****** off in both Arena and Customs in order to make it big at events both online and offline (if applicable in the future). We are looking for two more good, serious, and adaptable (able to work as a team including constructive criticism) players who have a go-pro goal. We are both East Coast. I'm in Boston, MA and he's in Springfield, MA. If you fit the criteria and know that no matter how good you are there is room for growth, then send me a message on XBL (GT is same as forum name) or post here. Thanks and looking forward to progressing together!
  4. GT: Numzi MM and Customs (Looking to climb to the top) dan -- Looking for those who will take it seriously and want to become as good as possible. NA/Massachusetts
  5. GT: Numzi H2A customs (HCS) I'm in NA/East Coast. I try to run customs whenever I'm on Halo (most of the time) Add me and I'll add you back and invite you whenever I'm running customs. Or add me to invite me <3
  6. GT: Numzi Looking for Customs! (4v4) Region: NE/East Coast. Online right now! Add me and let me know it's for customs. I'll add back.
  7. GT: Numzi Onyx 2, but should be higher (lagged in 3 of first 10 games) KD is a 3 with 38 wins out of 41 games. East Coast - MA Add me if you call out and can hold your own. I just went 27-10 yesterday and lost.
  8. Add me for customs. I haven't played ANYTHING. Damn MM GT: Numzi
  9. Haha I knew they were good, but didn't know Gandhi considered them top 2 together. Thanks for the insight. With everything I see about Halo nowadays, I get more and more excited for MCC. I can't wait for Tuesday.
  10. Lol I was honestly like 8 when CE first released ( I still played it since release day thanks to my brother, though) so I didn't really follow anything competitive besides 8 hours a day (no exaggeration) of split screen 2v2s and FFAs lol. I got really into being competitive with my brothers in CE, but online, I started following the tournaments a little after H2 released so I have no clue about the best CE players. I do remember the brothers being top-notch in Halo 2 2v2s though lol
  11. Currently they only said it starts with H2A and will end up being H5.
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