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  1. Hello folks, i used to stream every so often but without talking to my viewers and doing anything for them. I also left the info box empty, had no bots + other cool stuff and had no set schedule. Since yesterday i have changed that. Im Going to stream at least 3 hours every weekday, and depending of what im doing i will stream on weekends too. I play all halo games so it should be something for everyone. - about me - My name is Aljoscha "One Man System" Laschai and i am from Germany. I started Playing Halo arround 2007-08 and my first halo game was Halo: Combat Evolved on PC. After playing some (only) Blood Gulch CTF for 1-2 Months. i bought a 360 + Halo 3 and played that ALOT, mostly MLG. However i stopped playing Halo when Reach came out because i didn't like it. Now im back for MCC! My favorite Halo Game is Halo:CE, however im down to play all Halo games for this Stream If Followers want to join me playing some halo, just add my GT: One Man System and send me a msg and i'll shoot you an invite. if you want more info please check out my channel: http://www.twitch.tv/onemansystem I appreciate every support you guys give me! thx 4 reading
  2. Flagnum does return in H5... i just saw a leak of the Gameinformer article about h5.. if anyone does want it message me.
  3. I hope that there will be at least 1 no Sprint playlist in matchmaking and i also hope that the no sprint playlist(s) is/are going to be the most popular playlist(s), this would send a clear Message to 343
  4. Negged you in accident in my smartphone @@Saucey im sorry
  5. I'd like to point out that the last part is only there for if i had no choice but to add abilitys to the game
  6. Hello everyone, I have played Halo: Custom Edition and Halo 2 Vista before i really got into Halo with Halo 3 but i don't count those games so i'll say im a h3 kid since its the game i've played most. First and foremost i really love the "arena shooter feeling" of this game. Starting Weapons 1st I'd prefer to spawn with Pistol + AR instead of AR - Pistol. This way i could shot back at the enemy as soon as i spawn if i'm getting shot of spawn. With AR + Pistol i'm allready one shot till my pistol is fire ready. 2nd The Pistol the pistol is the best utility weapon Halo has ever had, I love the 3sk, i love the difference between Perfect Kill time and Average Kill time. But i'd improve the reticle. New players to the game might think the game is very laggy because they're not always hitting when the reticle is red because the dont know that the shot always lands in the center of the reticle. I'd either make the reticle half the size, or put a + in the middle of the reticle so they know where to aim at. last but not least, i know its the netcodes fault, they amount you have to lead should be the same every game. The AR can stay as it is Power Weapons Sniper: I don't think sniping is as hard as people say it is in this game. Getting 2 body shots is pretty easy because of the high fire rate. But i dont think slowing down the fire rate is the right solution, i think that it should take 1 HS or 3 BS (after 2 hits @ 2 health bars) to kill someone with the sniper. Also the sniper bullet should travel alot faster. Rockets They are ok, but for some reason i prefer the H3 Rockets tbh. All other weapons can stay the same, they all fit a niché. except the Neelder but everyone knows that allready. Movement I like the movement but i would make it a tad more crisp and also i'd remove the jump delay. If i would make a Combat Evovled 2 and i had to add some abilitys this what i would add: -BXR with its own animation If you "BXR" and aim at the head of the enemy, you get instead of the standard melee animation, a animation where the spartans punches the pistol into the visor and shots. It would look awesome in adversments (@343) the animation should be as long as the melee animation. Why a animation? because casual player would see it as a glitch if it wasnt intended to. Strafe Jumping to gain 25% more speed. By jumping forward right -> forward left -> forward right and so on you gain a speed increase of 25%. Loss of speed increase when shot. thats about it. At last i'd like to say that I got really addicted to the game, its very fun and i play it everyday. Wish i could LAN the OG version. - OMS
  7. I'd really like to play in a tourny however i dont habe a Partner so isf anyone wants to try me as Partner hit me up: One Man System Or @@Batchford comes back to MCC/CE ahen the game is fixed
  8. So i am nobody You hurt my feelings never will play withyou again ---- I'll be on at latest 4pm your time so you Vetter be on
  9. Yeah because watching someone getting killtrocitys and highers against noobies is entertaining to watch /irony
  10. Maybe #Promod can at least make custom games enjoyable
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