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  1. Shit back in his day, they got walshy's company to make it


    A revolution of a different kind.... I still have one of those shirts hahah. 


    Personality is obviously a huge part of liking/ disliking pro players but everyone has moments that aren't great representations of who they are, be it out of frustration, anger, sadness, stress w.e. We have to remember that pros who stream so much for us have many of these moments caught on camera. People who are consistently negative or critical may display a personality trait you dislike but when someone does something dumb one night out of the many they stream focusing on it and pretending that the single act is who isn't the greatest way to encourage people to stream more often. 

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  2. Neighbor saod something interesting last night when he was streaming, someone asked if the proteam is only there for testing and he said we aren't even in the same departments.


    Mason is on Sandbox (bug him for balancing requests)

    Ghost is on the MP team

    Strongside on the community team

    And Dersky is on the website or something


    Thats definitely weird. Maybe I missed something but the way I understood the pro team was that they were the ones testing and balancing the game from the competitive standpoint, but with the settings that we've been given this explanation makes a lot of sense.

  3. Only a very small amount of pro gamers make that much ... anyway my point, sort of an obvious point I guess, is that every pro athlete in EVERY sport (even football, baseball) should have a backup plan, might as well take part-time classes or develop other skills.


    And just be to be clear, I have complete sympathy for stress that Halo players are under.  It was the condescension in your post that annoyed me ...


    I re-read my original and can see how you took it that way, didn't mean for it to seem like that and I thought you were the person crane had originally quoted.


    Now for some Halo discussion. I know settings have been a big point of discussion in this community and I want to ensure you guys get a chance to be heard. @@TiberiusAudley and I will be sitting down with @@SnakeBite and @@Mikwen this Monday at 6pm est to discuss settings and I know at least one person from 343 will be watching. I'll be reading twitch chat closely and make sure we discuss the things most important to this community so if you want to be a part of the conversation we'll see you then!! Hope everyone has an awesome New Years.

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  4. This is the most stereotypical and completely wrong-headed understanding of reality held by every 24-year-old on Reddit and the internet in general.  The idea that literally anyone who isn't (1) travelling the world and having "life-changing experiences" or (2) working in a "creative"/"passionate" field with no job security + starvation wages is "bitter / miserable / a cog in a machine" is condescending, naive, and completely untrue.  You probably don't actually know where this idea popped into your head, but you've just absorbed it from school, naive young people, Reddit, etc.  It's also likely a defense mechanism from people who realize that "following their dreams" isn't quite what they were told it would be, and so they feel the need to denigrate happy people with balanced lives to feel better about their choices.


    I'm guessing you have no idea what the average 9-5 job is like. The idea that every office worker does "mindless work" with "guaranteed income" is literally a stereotype from the 1950s and is completely inaccurate.  (Incidentally, I'm less stressed and have more opportunity for travel, creativity, and collaboration in my current 9-5 job than I did in years of doing freelance photography.)  The life of the average esports figure is honestly MORE of a never-ending soul crushing grind than the average office job.  


    Also the best way to crush your love of something is to be forced to do it for a living; pro surfers often talk about how surfing for a salary completely ruined the joy of it for them.  And I guarantee that, apart from the most hyper-competitive personalities in the Halo scene, being forced to grind Halo for a living has ruined the joy of playing the game.


    Since the beginning of MLG, imo pro players should only ever see pro Halo as a part-time job (or a second full-time job).  Taking a couple semesters off is fine but no one should see this as a living, rather just as a social life / hobby.  Taking it more seriously than that is just a recipe for disaster.  Snakebite knows what's up, he took online classes last semester and has things figured out, I think.


    I've worked multiple full time jobs actually one of which was at a major bank, and still work full time so... not quite. If your job makes you happy and gives you the life you want, great I'm happy for you. That isn't reality for most people who are working for others; they DON'T get to spend their time how they like and corporations consistently make employees feel undervalued.


    If you are really a happy person why would you "have no sympathy" for someone who is stressed out. Because you don't agree with their career choice? You see it as a hobby so everyone else should? Professional gamers make six to seven figures across the most popular titles, Halo was once one of those titles, why could it not be that once again? For you to say players should only think of it as a hobby, or a part time job is not only incredibly uninformed but also extremely condescending. Some people do indeed prefer to have their life set out for them and just follow orders, if so get a full time job. But the reality is that not everyone does and to say that those people "deserve no sympathy" because they are chasing their dream just demonstrates a complete inability to be compassionate.


    Selling 40 hours a week doesn't automatically give you a "balanced" life, it just pays your bills.

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  5. Accidental +rep. Dude to try and navigate this and make money off it is not something I'd find relaxing. You either bust ass to gain a following like ninja but take shit for not playing halo enough or try to make your living with prize pools. Even with an org paying you 1000 bucks a month which is not a livable wage, the lack of tourneys makes this an incredibly hard way to make a living. Plus if i had to deal with some of this level of drama and shainess that crops up at rosermania, id be incredibly stressed


    Crane is correct. The amount of people who have regular jobs and think they can comment on what i means to be "professional talent" is staggering.


    If you work 9-5 you do the same shit every day. You are a cog in a machine that essentially needs you to show up, mindlessly go about your business and then you get to go home. Your pay is the same no matter what. You have GUARANTEED income. This cannot be further from the truth for pro gamers, streamers, casters and youtubers. There is no guarantee, there is no way to plan monthly, and if it all goes to shit you don't exactly have "experience" that will help you get a job down the road, you essentially wasted your time. There is no telling how long you can do it for and absolutely no idea what to do if/ when it's all over.


    The people like the person who Crane responded to, who have zero sympathy for that? Are you serious? Because you didn't put effort into the things you loved and went down a bullshit path that you now are bitter about and hate having to wake up every day you have no sympathy for the struggles of someone who busted their ass to make sure their life was fun instead of a never-ending soul crushing grind? That is the definition of a loser's mentality. If someone else has a lifestyle you envy figure out how to make it possible for you and work towards achieving or shut the fuck up.

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  6. Pretty excited to see how this EG roster plays tn, Optic will be a good test for them! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


    As I previously promised, there will be an episode of The Pit to discuss game settings and tournament formats. As of right now its scheduled for January 2nd in the evening.


    Also who is going to St Louis? I'm going to be there and would love to meet some of you freaks in person! If you see me there please come say hi!!

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