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  1. Doing an episode of The Pit today. @@TiberiusAudley will be joining me from now on for those who missed the last episode as my official co-host. Our guests this week will be Cratos and Commonly. Show should start at 4PM EST on twitch.tv/throoper See you there amigos.
  2. Found the ladder setup for this to be insane. Had to make a different team for the tourney from the ladder, couldn't use the same team name... ended up getting locked out because of confusion. Pretty sure this happened to a bunch of people and it sucks that a lot of teams won't be playing because of it.
  3. We streamed it live already, started at 4PM EST. VoD will be up soon!
  4. Gunna be joined by Arkanum, Victory and Tiberius Audley tomorrow on the pit to discuss the first qualifier. We'll give predictions, discuss the teams and team changes and all that fun stuff. Twitch.tv/throoper at 4PM EST. See you guys there
  5. Thanks for thinking about me . Personally I'd have no issue with an "official" show because it would still be vastly different than mine. If you look at how riot does their lcs preview shows and specials and compare it to a program like summoning insight, they appeal to two vastly different audiences although there is definitely some overlap. I'm of the mind that the more content the community overall creates, 343 included, the more vehicles we have to appeal to people through and attract them to the scene. Someone may dislike my show and not have it enthuse them to competitive halo because i basically do it all with skype and obs so the production value obviously isn't the quality they're used to with professional broadcasts. Others will prefer the conversational nature of a show like mine or @@Computer - check his show out if you haven't its good - because it feels more real than anything that official and overproduced can be. Just look at how popular podcasts and unstructured media of that kind is becoming in the real world, there's clearly going to be room for both in a healthy scene. Until then I'll keep doing my show as often as I can to bring you guys content, and have a lot of other cool things planned too at the moment that I'll be beginning to share and announce publicly soon. But in order for this scene to really thrive we need as much content as we can create of all different kinds and varieties. And to other content creators - with the scene being small right now I realize that it could feel like new shows or new content "takes" viewers from your content and shows but it couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is each content creator is unique and will attract a unique audience because of it, each bringing people into the scene that might not have come in without it. It certainly makes the market a bit more competitive, so you have to constantly work to produce quality work, but don't fear competition embrace it - it will make all of our work better and help bring new viewers to each of us we may have never been able to reach initially on our own.
  6. Really hope they find a way to have more spectators for the LANs, thats such a small number of spectators...
  7. Hahaha I'm not saying that exactly just that the conversations I've had with Ryanoob and Arkanum make it seem incredibly unlikely to me that aries would be joining that team.
  8. If the new version of winterfox is really arkanum, ryanoob and two people we dont know I HIGHLY doubt aries would be one of them.
  9. I'm assuming all the rosters will be announced tonight or tomorrow one way or the other with the ladder starting. So it begins...
  10. It isnt about range as much as it is about who shoots first. short to mid range with those guns equally skilled players - assuming good players who can shoot - first shot matters way more than which gun you have because the kill time on all of them is the same.
  11. Can you elaborate? Pistol vs Br vs DMR vs lightrifle can all outshoot each other and are designed for specific ranges. In the automatics the assault rifle is the weakest, but has the longest effective range. SMG is mid range but stronger than the AR and the storm rifle is even a shorter range but even stronger than the SMG. If pro players are inclined to believe all the guns can be used optimally, although the storm rifle is the strongest for sure and is probably the one that could use a slight nerf, then I'd be inclined to believe them. They are better than all of us at the game so when it comes to in game mechanics they tend to have a good grasp of things.
  12. Episode of The Pit for those of you who missed it the other night. Thanks again to @@RyaNoob @@Spartan and @ for taking their time to share some of their thoughts. I think a few of you will be surprised by what they had to say.
  13. We started talking about the game in general and kept it lighthearted to begin with. The guns are balanced there really isn't an argument against that, almost all the guns have equal kill times when used optimally so almost every single gun in the game could be used in a competitive sense. These guys talk about the tweaks they want to see for the game to be competitive as the episode goes on, definitely recommend you hear these guys out - they get paid to play this game for a reason.
  14. If you guys missed the pit, here is the VoD for me Ryanoob, Spartan and SeptiQ talking generally about Halo 5
  15. The Pit starts in an hour (8PM EST December 1st) with Spartan Ryanoob and Septic, we discuss Halo 5 gameplay in general. Come watch at twitch.tv/throoper
  16. If you want to hear what @@RyaNoob @@Spartan and @ think about Halo 5 they share their thoughts on The Pit in 1 hour (8PM EST December 1st) . Come watch at twitch.tv/throoper
  17. I think a lot of them really dislike it and are hoping it gets removed. To be fair its pretty dumb.
  18. I will be livestreaming my discussion with @Spartan @RyaNoob and @Septic tonight (Tuesday December 1st) at 8PM EST on twitch.tv/throoper . If you can't watch it on twitch live it will be uploaded to youtube shortly after. They laid out some really interesting opinions on halo 5 and definitely some you guys won't expect. Hope to see you there!
  19. Newest Episode: Tuesday December 1st, 2015. 8PM EST. twitch.tv/throoper I will be the regular host and @@TheSimms will be my cohost whenever his schedule permits him to which will hopefully be very often. We will round out the panel each week with two pro players, coaches, managers or prominent community figures. Tomorrow we will have @@Heinz and Septic from Reality check on to discuss all of the roster changes since PAX, the pre season cups and PGL 10k, the new maps being implemented for Atlanta and thoughts/ predictions for Atlanta. We would love to have you join us live as we will definitely be making a point of interacting with the chat and answering any good questions or thoughts you guys come up with while we are doing the show. Not sure how long each episode will be, my guess is somewhere between 1-2 hours as a general rule but the idea is to fully discuss whatever topics are at hand and go in depth to explore them. I'd like to invite any of you with questions pertaining to the topics above to feel free to drop them here or come by live and have some fun with us. This show is going to be tailored 100% for the competitive community (you guys) so I will always be receptive to any sort of feedback you may have and encourage you to contact me with any suggestions you may have to improve the show. Edit: Gunna put the VoD's for as many episodes as i can in this first post as well! Episode 1 - April 13 2015 Episode 2 - April 24th 2015 Episode 3 - May 1st, 2015
  20. I believe this is correct yes which is exactly the format from LoL. For League it makes sense because a series in that game take much longer than in Halo, really hope they change it to double elim before the tourney.
  21. Optic definitely having a rough time against elevate so far tonight, looked like they might be able to clutch out that plaza strongholds game but elevate ended up taking it 100-96
  22. Unfortunately filming the second part of the pit has proven to be difficult with scrimming and schedules and I don't want to delay the episode any further. So I will be livestreaming my discussion with @@Spartan @@RyaNoob and @ tomorrow at 8PM EST on twitch.tv/throoper . If you can't watch it on twitch live it will be uploaded to youtube shortly after. They laid out some really interesting opinions on halo 5 and definitely some you guys won't expect. Hope to see you there!
  23. Ninja has been grinding the hell out of this game he's looking good. Hes gotten really good at the thruster shot too which i think will be a huge thing in 1v1 battles at the highest levels.

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