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  1. Ryanoob is on vacation this week so he wont be able to play in the Pro League games
  2. Tomorrow night at 7PM EST me and audley are joined by lethul and el town. This one should be fun.
  3. he'll be back. inappropriate meming. On a happier note, U4X looks legit.
  4. Assault retiring would be my guess. Same thing as Naded right before the season
  5. Here is the VoD from tonight in case anybody missed it who wanted to check it out Saw a lot of handles i recognize from here in the chat tonight, love seeing you guys in there and enjoying the conversation. Thanks again to ryan and cam for coming on, two great guests.
  6. The pit is back tomorrow night at 7:30PM EST with myself, audley, victory and ryanoob. See you then amigos.
  7. Thanks brother comments like this mean a lot. Will be back with a brand new episode this week and going to be making an effort to keep the content more consistent, my life won't be going through as many changes in the coming year.
  8. Here's the VoD for those who missed it. Thanks again to my co-host @@TiberiusAudley as usual and @@Spartan for coming on.
  9. Thanks to everyone who tuned in today, VoD will be up later tonight.
  10. The Pit returns!! 7:30 PM EST Me, Audley, Spartan, Ryanoob on my twitch channel, see you there amigos.
  11. I highly doubt this is the case it's more like there are clearly different levels of talent even among halo pros. Yes all of them are good enough that they can go off in a given game or moment and do really well but some players will never be as good as others no matter how much they practice. CLG has 4 of the most individually talented players in the game and they work well together, most teams are going to have a hard time beating them no matter the amount of practice they have.
  12. He did pretty well in the slayer game against EG. Was the only one on his team to go positive and although he missed some snipes he had a killing spree and did a good job controlling camo so while I don't disagree with your list of other potential candidates him doing that on stream probably earned him his spot in the poll.
  13. I can't wait for the start of Pro League today, super hyped for this season. I have equipment again now too so be on the lookout for new episodes of the pit
  14. Esportspedia will probably be a really good resource for that sort of thing as well.
  15. The whole thing is so unfortunate... he's definitely doing the right thing for both himself and his team though so mad respect to him. Hope he gets better soon and Liquid can figure out what to do before its too late
  16. Really stoked @@Voodooman gave me the opportunity to host this event, hope to do both him and the Halo community proud. I really hope to meet some or many of you there, it will be really cool to put faces to some of the people who have been big supporters of my work in this community. I think it will be a great weekend of Halo and I can't wait for it to be here, should be a lot of fun.
  17. I wanted that too - I tried to get people from one of those teams but but schedules weren't working in our favor this weekend.
  18. Myself and @@TiberiusAudley will be joined by @@Spartan for The Pit today at 4PM EST on twitch.tv/throoper See you there.
  19. Video handled the situation pretty well I think. Was an honest take on the situation without getting overly emotional and going too far, definitely one of the more professional VLOGs I've seen in situations like this. Definitely interested to see how this shakes things up.
  20. I definitely understand this sentiment but with so much money on the line can you really blame players for making sure they're on a team they feel most comfortable with?
  21. The past few weeks have been insanity... really interested to see how things shake up. Still can't believe EG broke up without losing a LAN thats unheard of in Halo history, this weekend is going to be good. Also, regarding rebroadcasts/past episodes - These will all be available on both youtube and twitch from now on, a bunch of things have gone wrong the past few episodes so they have unfortunately been lost to the ether (trust me I'm as bummed about it as you guys are, the last episode especially I personally thought was fantastic). This won't happen again so if you do miss future episodes live there actually will be videos for you to watch later.
  22. That would be awesome! Beyond members are a large portion of the audience so that would make a lot of sense. Thanks for the compliment :p

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