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  1. Pretty excited to see how this EG roster plays tn, Optic will be a good test for them! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! As I previously promised, there will be an episode of The Pit to discuss game settings and tournament formats. As of right now its scheduled for January 2nd in the evening. Also who is going to St Louis? I'm going to be there and would love to meet some of you freaks in person! If you see me there please come say hi!!
  2. Sad to see Halo i so many of those clips in that Mashable tweet while many of the current prominent esports outlets refuse to cover it in any sense. Its revealing that half the people involved today are in it for money and have literally 0 idea of what went into making today possible or giving credit where its due.
  3. to be fair many of the people who have opinions on the Halo CE pistol today and aren't the people on this forum base those opinions on the CE pistol in H5... which IS ridiculously easy to use. Remember there are a lot of people on waypoint who were barely born or werent even born when that game came out.
  4. Was very impressed with the montage @@Ninja just put out. Definitely was fun to watch.
  5. Unfortunately its currently at the bottom of all prominent titles. This is obvious by the lack of exposure in media outlets that cover esports. For a while I had convinced Slingshot to give it a chance but unfortunately they aren't rolling with it either at the moment. In a weird way part of the problem is us to be honest. I love this forum as much as the rest of you do, but we've segregated ourselves from the rest of the halo community making the community seem much more disjointed. Look at league of legends or CSGO. The ENTIRE population of the game congregates on those subreddits and upvotes both competitive and casual content. None of us ever frequent /r/halo so most of the competitive content never gets upvoted there so the casuals don't see it and therefore don't interact with it. As much as people hate to admit it reddit drives an insane amount of esports traffic and we just don't have a presence there. I honestly think if we want Halo to grow we could all open up that subreddit at least once a day and try to find ways to interact and support the few pieces of competitive content that make it there.
  6. I never understood the people who said that about Huke. The kid had barely played Halo and could instantly compete at a top level. Many of the people on this forum have been playing the game for a long ass time and frankly, most of us still suck (compared to these guys at least). He's clearly got insane mechanical skill and his ability to pick up the nuances and strategies of Halo so quickly show what a phenomenal talent this kid is. IMO hes essentially Snipedown V2. Super talented mechanically and took very little time (comparatively) to understand the game well enough to dominate it at a professional level. Having them on the same team now is kind of scary.
  7. Where on most setting changes I'd agree with your latter point radar in H5 isn't one of them. I honestly feel like the speed of H5 at the current moment with many of the spartan abilities would make a game without radar incredibly annoying as you constantly have to figure out where one person managed to run off to. I know most of us don't want many of these abilities but the reality is that taking out all of them AND radar in one fell swoop would be an incredibly drastic change to a game and essentially make it a different title. I don't think that's the direction 343 or people who make money playing the game want to see it go with so much time already invested. Had they listened to us from day one and begun removing or tweaking abilities I believe no radar would be a more legitimate discussion to be having at this moment in time but with the ridiculous amount of changes it would require to work (IMO) I think it might simply be seen as more trouble than its worth at this point in Halo 5's life cycle. I obviously could be wrong but I don't think 343 is just ignoring us for no reason on this one. They definitely were in the past but i think the removal of Che sent a message to the people in charge that they better listen to the community. This change might just not be totally realistic at this point in time. I want no radar old school competitive halo back as much as anybody but that might just not be possible or realistic for Halo 5. Just my 2 cents.
  8. not in 5 minutes he didn't hahah. I've played thousands of league games and only had a handful end in less than 20
  9. I've been trying dude. I'm not going to lie, trying to get work done with the majority of Halo pros has been incredibly frustrating and often fruitless. I've been trying to set up a show to discuss the finals plus new settings for the better part of a month. I see the pros having discussions surrounding settings and when I offer the opportunity to do so publicly I get radio silence. Then they talk about having a community discussion about settings and frankly I just have to laugh. Having previously worked with league of legends pros, the apathy towards creating content and interacting with fans from Halo pros is incredibly frustrating and IMO, is part of the reason our scene is rebuilding so slowly. I know one of the biggest issues with the show has been a lack of guest variation. But unfortunately the people you see come on regularly are the only people who respond with regularity, the others usually don't even have the courtesy to say not this time. The end result is I wait on a response from someone until i cannot wait any longer and then try to scramble to put together a last second show. This is why the shows have been so irregular and why they seem to have the same guests every time. Currently I'm visiting my parents in Florida for christmas but I will be home before the New Year and releasing an episode then. I have tried to contact every single pro who has been vocal about settings to come on for this one but again, still haven't heard anything. Likely it will be myself audley and two of the guests you are accustomed to seeing, but at least we'll be back. I make the show predominantly for the people of this forum. The support and love you guys have shown me for doing it is why I keep doing it. If guest variation is something that is important to you guys I'm going to ask that you help me in pestering the people you want to see on the most. Otherwise the show will go on, but likely just using the few pros that respond and make it possible to set up. Planning shows all week only to have to cancel because the guests we wanted simply never responded isn't something I want to continue doing. Its frustrating and makes the content less reliable and unpredictable which ultimately hurts you guys, and that just sucks. /EndRant TLDR: Yes, around NYE. Likely the 29th or 30th.
  10. I think this would be a great idea. Allows for huge test data for all sorts of tweaks and gametypes and would never actually mean anything as it would be a social beta playlist. People playing in it would know what is being tested and would want to help find that information. Definitely think this could be a thing that works.
  11. Me too amigo me too. If only I could get them on at the same time
  12. The Pit is back tonight with myself and @@TiberiusAudley being joined by @@Spartan at 7:30EST tonight on twitch.tv/tiberiusaudley . See you there amigos.
  13. Miss today's episode? I already got you fam. Thanks again to @@RyaNoob for coming on and to @@TiberiusAudley for co-hosting as always. Enjoy Amigos.
  14. Just something to note on the E6 Stellur situation. When you tell someone their salary you tell them what you pay them, not what they get after taxes. You don't get told "You'll get $30 000 after taxes" when asking about compensation in a job interview, they tell you "We'll give you $40 000 annual salary" and its up to you to figure out what that means in actual take home after taxes. If they were told they'd be making 3k then their salary being changed to 1.5 is a shitty thing to do, but the 3 to 2.5 was just Cratos informing them of what their actual takehome after taxes would be. I don't understand how people have understood the situation as two separate lies.
  15. Alright guys with Pro League starting up next week what better time to have an episode of The Pit. This tuesday at 4PM EST me and @@TiberiusAudley will sit down with @@RyaNoob and talk about all the roster changes and the upcoming season. See ya then.
  16. I wrote about the success of CLG last season and some of the implications it could have on our scene moving forward. Would love to hear some of your thoughts since you guys are the heart of the competitive Halo community. Hope you enjoy. http://slingshotesports.com/2016/08/24/clgs-current-halo-run-and-the-effect-of-dominance-on-a-professional-scene/
  17. Oh don't worry the next episode of the pit is going to be exactly that.
  18. I want to thank you for taking the time to compile that list and posting it, really useful for people who want more halo content but don't know where to look. You da real MVP. Edit: I wrote some stuff about the career of our GOAT, read it here if ya want. http://slingshotesports.com/2016/08/05/goodbye-to-the-goat-the-legacy-of-tom-ogre2-ryan/
  19. If you missed the show last night you can find the vod here Thanks to everyone who tuned in live last night and to all the players who took the time to come on and share their thoughts with us during such an important week. Hope everyone enjoyed/enjoys the show. Looking forward to some great halo this weekend.
  20. Thanks to everyone who tuned in live tonight. Will have the VoD out as soon as I have it re-rendered. Hoping tomorrow morning at the latest.
  21. Have to push the start time back to 7:30PM. Video rendering has literally taken all day. See you guys then.
  22. Hey everybody, after taking a few weeks off The Pit is back this week with a crazy pre-finals episode. Audley and I sat down with 7 pros from 7 of the top 8 teams to get their takes on the first season of HCS Pro League and the tournament coming up this weekend. We are going to stream the show tomorrow night at 7PM EST on Audley's twitch channel - https://www.twitch.tv/tiberiusaudley If you can't watch it then, the whole thing will be posted to my youtube channel immediately after it is done airing. There are four segments in total each lasting around 30 minutes. The first is with Snakebite, the second with Ace and Spartan, the third with Roy and Ryanoob and we end with Cratos and eL Town. I hope you guys all tune in and enjoy the show, I just want to thank everyone who was involved once again for lending their time in order to make this happen.
  23. Alright guys after not being able to get things organized for last week, we're back tonight with @@Cratos and @@Heinz at 7PM EST. There will be one slight change however, were going to be streaming the show at twitch.tv/tiberiusaudley from now on. There are a few reasons behind this change, his channel has subscriptions enabled which I do not and I currently don't stream anything other than this show while he does really good analytical content which I think many of our followers would enjoy watching. I do plan on resuming the Snapshot series once I can convince someone to actually do one and when i do that will be streamed live on my channel, but @@TiberiusAudley 's twitch will be the new home of The Pit for the foreseeable future. Hope to see you all there tonight and thanks to everyone who has been supportive and tuned in so far.
  24. The VoD from tonight with @@TiberiusAudley @@LethuL and @@eL ToWn for anyone who missed the show live. Had a lot of fun filming this one tonight.

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