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  1. Hey guys if you'd like a chance to know a bit more about @Shele or Kaiyeul they both joined @Knighty Knight and I on the latest episode of The Pit. Had some webcam issues etc but thought these two deserved some recognition considering that was their first time at a LAN of any kind and they played so well. Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. Hope everybody enjoyed the Bravo stream this weekend. Was an honor to be involved in the classic Halo comeback
  3. Made this video to create some hype pre worlds and honestly think @@Krizen did an incredible job with the editing to create some nostalgia. Still think its worth checking out if you guys never saw it.
  4. For the old school fans on here, 2 hours of Elamite going over the glory days. Hope you enjoy.
  5. We're back! New Episode with Elamite is up now. Hopefully it takes me less than 3 years to convince the next person to do one!
  6. Hey everyone, this will be the thread for the snapshot interview series. The series will feature various pros sitting down to discuss their careers and give insight into their past, present and future. If there are any questions or guests you would like to see in future episodes, or feedback you may have to improve the series, please feel free to leave it in this thread! My hope is that this series will be an instrumental part of the history of halo, giving old fans things to reminisce over and new ones a way to learn about the old days. I will be updating this thread with each episode as they come out, so stay tuned! You can follow me on twitter or subscribe to the channel to make sure you don't miss an episode or just bookmark this thread. I sincerely hope you guys enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy filming them. Special shout outs go to Ninja and Cloud9 for being the first to participate - both he and the organization are really awesome and easy to work with and I wish them nothing but success moving forward. Also huge props to Saucey and the guys at Team Beyond who have created an awesome community here and were cool with me posting these for you to watch! All episodes have timestamps for the videos in the description on youtube and can be found in audio only if you'd prefer to download them to your ipod and listen to them on the go - http://bit.ly/snpshtsaudio Without further ado, Enjoy! #1 - Ninja - Cloud9 (Filmed February 3rd 2015) #2 - Arkanum - Noble Black (Filmed February 14th 2015) #3 - Heinz - Counter Logic Gaming (Filmed February 28th 2015) #4 - RyaNoob- Team Randa (Filmed March 19th 2015) #5 - Snip3down - Evil Geniuses (Filmed March 30th 2015) #6 - Victory X - Cloud9 (Filmed May 9th 2015) #7 - Chig - Denial (Filmed May 13th 2015) #8 - Elamite - Retired/ Casting (Filmed April 7th, 2018)
  7. I wanted to have this out for friday but was super sick this past week, still figure you guys would enjoy this one though. Little bit of Columbus nostalgia.
  8. If you missed the show live last night, here is the VoD from yesterday. Thanks again to @@RyaNoob and @@Knighty Knight for hopping on. See you guys before Columbus.
  9. Post Orlando episode of The Pit featuring Knighty and Ryanoob will be going live today at 4est. Be ready.
  10. VoD for The Pit is up in case you missed it live last night, thanks to those who tuned in. Hope everyone who's going to be in Orlando this weekend has a great time.
  11. Hey everybody with MLG Orlando just around the corner the most infrequent of Halo podcasts (The Pit) is coming back for an episode tonight at 10pm est. Going to be sitting down with Rammy and Knighty, VoD will be on youtube if you can't make it tonight but would love to hear you guys chime in through the chat as well. See ya then.
  12. I mean he loves Halo, we love Halo... at the end of the day we want the same thing - a bigger and better game. Writing people off without listening gets the discussion nowhere.
  13. The many times cancelled and rescheduled episode of The Pit is about to go live on my channel for those who want to watch. Going to be discussing the state of the overall halo community and the casual competitive divide with Mikwen and Greenskull.
  14. With @@Naded retiring before the start of this season I thought it would be a good idea to do a write-up on his career. Read and share it if you guys enjoyed it, the man deserves recognition for how long he played. http://www.dexerto.com/news/2017/06/02/retirement-brett-naded-leonard-greatest-halo-player-never-win-halo-esports/
  15. Going to be doing a special episode of The Pit this Sunday @4PM EST where I try to bring the competitive and casual communities together a little bit. Going to be joined by Mikwen and Greenskull, we'll be going over a lot. Missed you guys, see you then!
  16. How could you say that about my favourite map... I thought we were friends dude
  17. Halo 6 + Scorpio would definitely be incredible but like people are saying pc is critical. Reality is xbox simply isn't as remotely popular as the PC, streaming numbers reflect that. Being able to execute the pc game well would definitely do wonders for halo and competitive halo. Now if both of those things were to happen at the same time....
  18. Balance definitely needs to be addressed, was hopeful at the launch of the game but at this point I've resigned myself to accepting whatever we've got. Especially after episode of The Pit we just did... hearing mikwen and snakebite talk about their experience working with 343 to accomplish balance was a little eye opening. Link for the lazy
  19. A revolution of a different kind.... I still have one of those shirts hahah. Personality is obviously a huge part of liking/ disliking pro players but everyone has moments that aren't great representations of who they are, be it out of frustration, anger, sadness, stress w.e. We have to remember that pros who stream so much for us have many of these moments caught on camera. People who are consistently negative or critical may display a personality trait you dislike but when someone does something dumb one night out of the many they stream focusing on it and pretending that the single act is who isn't the greatest way to encourage people to stream more often.
  20. Thats definitely weird. Maybe I missed something but the way I understood the pro team was that they were the ones testing and balancing the game from the competitive standpoint, but with the settings that we've been given this explanation makes a lot of sense.
  21. I re-read my original and can see how you took it that way, didn't mean for it to seem like that and I thought you were the person crane had originally quoted. Now for some Halo discussion. I know settings have been a big point of discussion in this community and I want to ensure you guys get a chance to be heard. @@TiberiusAudley and I will be sitting down with @@SnakeBite and @@Mikwen this Monday at 6pm est to discuss settings and I know at least one person from 343 will be watching. I'll be reading twitch chat closely and make sure we discuss the things most important to this community so if you want to be a part of the conversation we'll see you then!! Hope everyone has an awesome New Years.
  22. I've worked multiple full time jobs actually one of which was at a major bank, and still work full time so... not quite. If your job makes you happy and gives you the life you want, great I'm happy for you. That isn't reality for most people who are working for others; they DON'T get to spend their time how they like and corporations consistently make employees feel undervalued. If you are really a happy person why would you "have no sympathy" for someone who is stressed out. Because you don't agree with their career choice? You see it as a hobby so everyone else should? Professional gamers make six to seven figures across the most popular titles, Halo was once one of those titles, why could it not be that once again? For you to say players should only think of it as a hobby, or a part time job is not only incredibly uninformed but also extremely condescending. Some people do indeed prefer to have their life set out for them and just follow orders, if so get a full time job. But the reality is that not everyone does and to say that those people "deserve no sympathy" because they are chasing their dream just demonstrates a complete inability to be compassionate. Selling 40 hours a week doesn't automatically give you a "balanced" life, it just pays your bills.
  23. Crane is correct. The amount of people who have regular jobs and think they can comment on what i means to be "professional talent" is staggering. If you work 9-5 you do the same shit every day. You are a cog in a machine that essentially needs you to show up, mindlessly go about your business and then you get to go home. Your pay is the same no matter what. You have GUARANTEED income. This cannot be further from the truth for pro gamers, streamers, casters and youtubers. There is no guarantee, there is no way to plan monthly, and if it all goes to shit you don't exactly have "experience" that will help you get a job down the road, you essentially wasted your time. There is no telling how long you can do it for and absolutely no idea what to do if/ when it's all over. The people like the person who Crane responded to, who have zero sympathy for that? Are you serious? Because you didn't put effort into the things you loved and went down a bullshit path that you now are bitter about and hate having to wake up every day you have no sympathy for the struggles of someone who busted their ass to make sure their life was fun instead of a never-ending soul crushing grind? That is the definition of a loser's mentality. If someone else has a lifestyle you envy figure out how to make it possible for you and work towards achieving or shut the fuck up.

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