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  1. ya i just played you on hangem vinnymendoza as walla walla, the spread is massive right now, its not even fun. i wont be playing till its fixed, four nades was nice though
  2. pistols definitely broken, its not that its hard like og, you cant even three someone walking in a straight line
  3. cant keep going in alone, add for h1 playlist: waila waila
  4. Completely agree. It sucks the state that the game is in but I still have a ton of fun playing it, never thought I'd get to play H1 this much ever again.
  5. Lots of fun to watch, really hope to see more soon. Thanks to everyone that helped put it on and everyone that streamed!
  6. are there any videos of more good forced spawns? i pick up on some from watching streams but mostly just hangem and priz
  7. enjoyed watching this last night, saw some good games. kinda prefer twitch though
  8. The biggest thing we need still is ranks, so hard to get a game where everyone is anywhere near the same ability. I definitely agree the sniper feels easier, seems to allow a little bit of sweep sniping like h2, not the same extent though obviously. I actually dont mind the two nades start, might even prefer it
  9. CE still has some issues but is a ton of fun, anyone looking to run games add my gt: waveform beta

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