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  1. lol. Don't worry Prototype, I still think you're a pro
  2. Having @@Saucey and Foley fight for 40 % of the Open Thread was the best. If you don't know how tough Foley is, just wait until you see him in baseball pants, hes jacked. Also Contra with a pretty sweet OVK https://clips.twitch.tv/cntra/MotionlessPorcupinePunchTrees
  3. Looks like we have our first pinned post of the Challenger Open Thread
  4. I completely agree. I challenged Cyren on Twitter(respectfully), and his rebuttal was that there hasn't been enough interest for an open thread. Added to his reasoning of flaming and trash talk. This is halo, these things make the game more interesting and the AM community could use a bit of drama, it's what creates rivalries. This isn't 2010, the vast majority of our community are all older late teens early 20's where I doubt much would really be said anyways. The more I thought about what reason Beyond has for not making an open thread, a post about a certain number of views for the pro thread came to mind. In some way, the numbers being generated from this thread(views, posts, etc) is a huge attraction to present and future stakeholders. In short, give us an open thread. The interest is there, if there are issues, moderate them, it's a forum for god sakes.
  5. I work in Fort McMurray but am down to drive anywhere in Alberta for a weekend LAN as long as it fell on my days off. I work a 7 days on 7 off rotation
  6. Can you tag any other Albertans? I know @@Philosopher but not sure if he can host, GP is kind of far away haha
  7. I found an old video of Strongside before his Halo Casting career Just kidding, he's getting better. But saying Commonly and Penguin are the young guns on Renegades and in the same long winded sentence saying they are the veterans makes me face palm.
  8. I've said it countless times in twitch streams, Huke is the best player in Halo 5 that does not wear a CLG jersey. I am definitely a fan.
  9. Hey man, I live in Alberta but would definitely be down to make the drive for a weekend on LANing Actually @woooster , @TRAPGOD is a bk, @Silos911 , @tombaggy @Dreamkiller420 , @Mitch G 2211 , @ShadowHD09 I see all of you guys are from Alberta, do you want to organize a LAN somewhere, some place? Sometime in July perhaps? July 9,10, 11th weekend?
  10. Does anyone have the pro league games uploaded to youtube from today? I am at work and Twitch is blocked lol
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