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  1. insane!!! I'd say theres a good chance! So cool!
  2. I ran the live switcher during the 2008 MLG season. It would have been a dream to have gotten HD out of the system we used. I don't remember what we recorded at for rebroadcasts but i'm guessing it was NTSC 16x9. If thats the case and they archived that between events then you could get a 480p stream out of them. Think they used the same system the next year, so maybe there could be some HD stuff from 2010 onward.
  3. Man sorry I couldn't get on for this! It was literally the only night of the year where I work so late! Got home at 1 am..... Don't give up!
  4. Yes this was one of the best gaming weekends in recent memory for me. Over 1k people watching Halo 1 being played by some good players and peasants like me getting to be a part of the same tournament!? It was brilliant. Thanks so much!
  5. Hey anyone averageish wanna do halo 1 2s tonight?? Me and my buddy are looking for some practice before Saturday! We suck
  6. Maybe it's more of on host does less damage?? Making us think our shots aren't registering..... I'm grasping at straws here and trying to be optimistic
  7. HALO: CE Resolved an issue that was causing off-host players to deal more damage than the host in peer-to-peer custom games. Patch notes! Someone try that stuff!!
  8. Yeah man did all that! I think what it boiled down to was my Netgear router wasn't really opening ports even though it would show it as opened. (Through multiple firmware updates too) For example, hosts I would put in the DMZ would still not have unrestricted access with various applications. I could join a XBC server every now and then but literally could never host my own game over the years of trying to make it work. Hahah So MCC even within its glaring shortcomings is still a blessing for me!
  9. FW next to every server. Good times. hahaha
  10. Was there a tournament going on last night? I caught Toxin/Doughboy 50-49 on damnation :blink:
  11. My goal is to play in a CE tourney with my friend. I've always wanted to and I thank you so much @@Teapot for the opportunity. We are going to get clobbered and it's gonna be incredible.
  12. hahah you guess correctly but i could learn some Swedish callouts! "raketer i 10 sekunder"
  13. For Real!! I'll be 33 this month. I've been looking for more people in my situation to play with. With wife and kids and all that jazz. Add me @@FireAtWill @@a Chunk and anyone else who has to not talk loud after 9 pm cuz you'll wake up the house. GT: Dakota V3
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