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  1. After being at 200k subs 3 months ago, Ninja hit 2 million subs earlier today: Leaving Halo did him good
  2. I remember reading an interview on IGN with Phil Spencer (I think) where he stated that all Xbox exclusives will be available on PC in the future. and I also think he even confirmed that H6 will be, too. Can any one confirm?
  3. Comments like this make me want a "save/favorite comment" feature. Mods, make it happen
  4. I'm genuinely interested in what the hall is going on in your banner pic, and would like to politely request a higher res version of it
  5. well, this's Epic we're talking about. the thing games like UT4 and QC have and games like Toxikk and Reflex don't is a big dev/publisher to support them. that's why games like QC and Halo 5 both had a 1 million dollar tournament, even though both games are doing pretty bad, while the prize pools for a very popular game like Rocket League still haven't surpassed 250k dollars. this's exactly why I believe that UT4 and QC are the only serious attempts at reviving the arena genre atm. OW just followed the steps of TF2, tbh. But we have yet to see a serious attempt at reviving the genre, with a big dev and publisher releasing a decent arena game that isn't plagued by elements from another poplar shooters, a huge marketing campaign to get people's attention, enough dev support for years after the game's release, some kind of cosmetic microtransaction system (similar to CSGO or RL) to keep people invested in the game, and lastly, enough population so that new comers don't get repeatedly destroyed by vets making the game frustrating and inaccessible (which's the case with all AFPS games nowadays).
  6. haven't touched this account in over a year, sold my Xbox and haven't played Halo since early 2016, but I must say, seeing you guys still sticking around even though not enjoying Halo anymore does show how passionate you are. 343 doesn't deserve such fanbase
  7. I agree with what you said, but I'm curious what is it you don't like about UT4? I know it's development has been halted thanks to the success of Fortnite, but judging by what we've seen so far, the game is on the right track. Epic just need to put more resources its way. QC on the other hand..
  8. I'll take that as a no, then. What about party stability, rank and shot reg?
  9. This game is fixxed yet? haven't been around for a while
  10. Yeah, I know Jinnouchi is coming back for Halo 5. Though, judging by the beta's main menu music, I'm not very optimistic.
  11. Can we all agree that 117, Arrival and Revival were awesome? There's also the the remix "The beauty of Cortana" - the closest thing to Halo 2's style, imo.
  12. I second that. I don't think that they hate Halo, but rather don't understand what Halo is about. All they talk about is balance, balance, balance.. and judging by the way Josh and Quinn talk about game design (especially Quinn), they make me feel like they're talking about a tactical game like CS or RS. Ordnance, SS, stabilizers and the continuous presence of sprint imply so.
  13. Reading this list made me grateful for not buying an Xbox, yet. I'm seriously considering saving the money and upgrading my PC instead.
  14. Same here. This doesn't count as stalking, does it?
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