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  1. Has Neighbor's role at 343 changed recently?
  2. Removing spread would massively improve the game on its own. That's not going to happen though.
  3. Is that guy for real? 343 have released two broken products in a row, one of which was so pathetically broken that it's extraordinary they even still exist as a game developer. And yet he has the gall to claim that consumers are entitled? 343 employees have no moral capital to make comments like this.
  4. Assuming some of these maps are well suited for competitive play.... ecouraging an evolving meta is a good thing for a competitive game, a 'knowledge arms race' is a good way to look at it. And so the 'but I have more fun on maps I know' argument would work if we weren't a competitive community. But we are. And it's one of the basic axioms of a place like this that the level of fun is directly related to the level of competitiveness. Wanting to limit competitiveness for the sake of 'fun' is what Halo developers have been doing for years and what the casual community thinks they want. It's not what we want. Sure it pushes folk outside their comfort zone and when you're playing for real money 'winning' normally takes precedent over pure competitiveness (see h5 pros), but I'd of thought the H1 community, out of all of us, would be most willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones for the sake of an evolving meta and thus a more competitive experience.
  5. Yeah I've been getting that. Seems to have stopped recently mind.
  6. Yeah Reach NBNS was brilliant. Well relatively brilliant compared to what came before and after.
  7. The pro team is such a waste of money for 343, they don't do anything. That or the pro team are incompetent and don't know what good settings are.
  8. I've got some videos in an older post on this thread where I've recorded something similar happening to me.
  9. Yeah camo needs to be buffed. It's only ever useful because you don't appear on radar.
  10. Can someone watch this video and look for the stutter at 18 seconds. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Kn1ght/video/22031037 What is this? I've got a bunch more examples of it recorded. For instance see here, http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Kn1ght/video/22031071#t=20. I'm guessing it's the servers but I've not heard of anyone else getting it. So annoying.
  11. What are these new Twitch features you speak of? I have Amazon Prime.
  12. Wait the WCG rules in '04 were 1v1 plasma pistol starts?
  13. Someone asked me on Live if I was you the other day. I'd just carried him in Arena.
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