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  1. I need a bracket, is there a challonge link or something. Just stumbled into this tourney.
  2. Skipping Xbone to buy a PS4 just for this game. Souls was my favorite franchise last gen, I played insane amounts of Dark Souls. Bloodborne will probably be the game of the generation for me, or at least I hope so. Miyazaki and Jun Ito are back on this project though, so I am very hopeful it will be as good or better than Demon's and Dark 1.
  3. Finally got my account here working again thanks to Cyren. I used to post a lot back on the General Gaming, Shooter's Discussion and Gamer's Corner Podcast Thread on MLG Forums, so this looks like the reincarnation of that thread. My username on MLG was Banaca btw, someone took Booshka, which is what I go by everywhere else. I am known mostly for being way into Shadowrun, but for the past few years I have mostly played a lot of Dark Souls, got really into the PvP and Twitch community for that game. I still play Shadowrun and Dark Souls regularly, and am saving up to get a PS4 for Bloodborne. Otherwise it is PC gaming and 360, don't plan on buying an Xbone any time soon. Long time no see to anyone who remembers me.
  4. I don't know of a community website for the game, but there are still people playing Public games and Private matches. The regulars are different now, but Hershey Squirt and Reaxxtion are the Old names you would recognize. Hershey still has his old GT, and Reaxxtion is playing on "Bumjamas," so add/message that to try to get into some Private games with your friends. Reaxxtion continues to be extremely open to new players and facilitating private lobbies to get games going. I still play and stream here and there, but my XBL Gold is gonna run out soon and I really don't want to renew it. So I'll be relegated to playing on PC (which usually gets me booted from games).
  5. ya I am perma banned too lol, didnt even talk shit, just got caught in the mayhem
  6. http://www.twitch.tv/booshka/c/4329333 Full match of Shadowrun that I played recently. It's a pub match, but it's some decent gameplay and a pretty competitive, albeit frustrating game. I stream Shadowrun pretty regularly on my channel if people are interested in seeing more gameplay.
  7. Halo drama is always the best.
  8. I just keep playing Shadowrun even though that game got dropped from MLG years ago. Never stop playing your favorite games, never lose passion for them, don't compromise with garbage. The PC community is more like this and CS 1.6 is still going strong because they refused to play inferior versions just because they were new. The Halo community should have done the same thing long ago, with Halo CE and even Halo 2. But they conceded to the MLG overlords and dealt with it, now look how far down Halo has gone since then. It's tough with Halo because Halo CE and H2 are not supported on XBL, but the point still stands.
  9. I always thought "Evades" was just like 4 or 5 people with a dozen or so alt accounts.
  10. I need DLC to play MLG playlist right?
  11. Ya I have a few of my exploits recorded in the annals of the internet. I griefed some kid major and he whined about it in a GameFAQs thread. I was also clipped out of a live stream for a really sick play in a PvP match. So those who occasionally find yourself summoning people in Township to pvp. Don't summon Booshka. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/608635-dark-souls/65087996 The entire thread is a hoot, Dark Souls ethics discussion, people talking shit to the OP, the works. Here is the vid of my sick play, it's at the end but the whole video is entertaining.
  12. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he is working more directly with Black Tusk Studios, his past job title had him as a Microsoft guy that worked with MS First Party studios to do Lead Design for the already established teams (Bungie and FASA). So he could be doing something very similar with Black Tusk, also his previous job was in Vancouver, so he may still live there and work more closely with Black Tusk studios while checking in with MS back in Redmond. It's tough to say, but let's just hope he is involved in a significant way.
  13. Heard about it in XBC chat when I was playing Halo CE back in early 04. I had watched a little bit of the 50K tournaments and the infamous G4 tournament with their lol settings. 05 is when I really started following MLG though.
  14. 2nd favorite game of all time, and 2nd most played as well. I have 100% it on PS3 and twice on 360 (2 different accounts) and I am most of the way through it on PC as well. I have a ton of builds on 360 for invasions and co op. Don't play it as much as I used to, but I hop on and invade randomly when I am in the mood or make more progress on my PC version.
  15. According to John Howard's LinkedIn Profile he is currently a Creative Director at Microsoft in Redmond. Now I could very well see him working closely with Black Tusk in Vancouver but he may not be as involved as you hope he is. Unless you have other sources that prove otherwise, his influence on the studio and their new IP can only be assumed. http://www.linkedin.com/in/jchoward Here is the link to his profile.
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