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  1. This is wrong. Microsoft or 343 shutting this down is the best thing that could happen to these developers and the progression of their career. It's CV gold and worth a thousand times more than any qualification or entry level experience in the industry. I speak from experience. I'd encourage such a project as a starting point rather than going through all the hard work of designing something original. If you don't have a strong marketing department, which is a skill in itself, it'll die after the first week: Law Breakers. The industry doesn't open its doors wide to new development teams/IPs. You need to start a fire and break a few windows if you want in.
  2. @@Mhunterjr But traditional sports teams can't jump ship after season or when things are tough, it damages fan bases. I'm all for investment but a revolving door of esports organisations isn't a good thing. @@careh I was more talking about rights belonging to 343i HCS rather than ESL. But i do understand the mess it causes.
  3. @@TheSimms How so? Anyone can start a gaming org, how many have we seen come and go in Europe alone, and let's face it - some shady things do happen. I just think better professionalism could be created with properly regulated teams, plus better branding, if the league owned the rights to teams The big downside is salaries would be hard to create without negatively effecting prize pools. More down to the games current popularity.
  4. I've always maintained that esports organisations are bad for the scene if you look at the larger picture...stunting team rivalries, history building and fan bases. I understand their current necessity, but if esports truly wants to be taken seriously then allowing (effectively) third party organisations to run squads at their lesiure is not the way to go. MLG had it right in my opinion. The pro league should own rights to each team.
  5. I think some people have missed the subtle brilliance of this comment
  6. I think all the changes were good. It hasn't killed the triple tank meta, but it has made other comps more viable.
  7. I agree with this. I almost single handedly forced the payload back to its last checkpoint on Gibraltar, by switching to Reindhart as the opposing team was about to win. 10 kill streak and near 20k damage blocked. Yet a Genji ult took play of the game...
  8. Bastion and Torbjorn only seem OP for the first day or so. They are so easily countered. It's just that 80% of the kids are running headlong into turrets every game. You hardly ever see them in high level play. Junkrat (on defence) and D.Va (on attack) seem to be my favourite characters, though I switch through Reaper, Tracer, Lucio and Reindhart when the situation fits. Can anyone suggest a cheapish PC that will run this game? I haven't owned a PC since 07, but i'm seriously considering getting one for this game.
  9. @@Onset @@Wonderboy @simms @@Prsma I would, but I have wade through 50 pages of memes and bullshit to try and find a scrap of info on EU teams, which 99% of time involves something along the lines of "Jimbo to Optic". I know most of the players EU and though I don't have the desire to compete anymore, from a spectators POV it would be nice to have a list of current teams just so I could see who is teaming with who. Plus it would bump the european hype levels from it's current place of rock bottom. I just feel that the EU scene is dead and no body is doing anything to promote it's pro league. But why do I care, i'm a spectator, i'll go and spectate something else.
  10. Looks good. Shame I don't own a PC
  11. I can't see much wrong with the pistol. I only ever switch it out if there's a BR close by. It's by far my favourite starting weapon since the H1 Pistol probably. I can see why some people would invite a buff, but it's not even close to being the number one problem with the game. I don't seem to die much from automatics either, and if I do, it's usually because i've rushed around a corner on my own with no awareness, - plays like that deserve to get melted by an SMG.
  12. @@Onset Respawn.gg is dead. Any chance of a thread here for EU Pro League Teams, Seeds and Predictions? Its nice to keep up to date with local teams etc.
  13. Ogre 2 Ogre 1 Pistola Snipedown Walshy T2 Karma Lunchbox Roy Strongside Naded, ghost and legit narrowly miss
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