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  1. Ske7chfactor is actually replying to a thread about MCC on reddit today: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/75bfvj/is_343_still_ignoring_the_mcc


    Although there is not much actual content in his replies, there are some interesting tidbits:

    Heard the same thing from Frankie and Bravo. I do not believe Ske7th for a second. If it happens, then cool. It won't win that many trust points back (if at all), but it would be nice. 

  2. Is there any hope for the Solo movie? I kinda hope Disney just starts over and delays the film, but that might conflict with their release schedule.


    Edit: Going to say something blasphemous here, but I don't like the ideas of a Solo and Obi-Wan movie. What is Obi-Wan going to do now after Rebels Season 3?

  3. I recognized his username from r/halo before. When someone linked your video on Arcanum on reddit, he commented:


    "Multi needs to be 343s multiplayer lead"


    Coincidence? I think not. Clearly this guy is actually your biggest fan and is purposely trying to get you fired from Treyarch. 343 will see how much you hate stuff because of X, and, knowing them, they'll immediately hire you, and you can finally #saveHalo.


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  4. PS4 has still a very impressive playerbase, more people playing battlefield  4 and 1 on the ps4 than xbox or pc.

    Playstation won't die in a long time, they are still living off playstation 2's success, that console sold so well, not even the ps3 sold badly because of it (i mean $800 for a 80GB version at launch lolwut).


    Playstation can live up to playstation 6 before they recognize its time.

    Sony was losing money with the PS3. They sold the console for $600 when it cost them $800 to produce them.

  5. Rebooting the franchise because of all this enhanced mobility nonsense is what I was referring to. They need to do away with whatever direction they're heading down and start back with what made Halo a titan to begin with. And the only way that they will have any type of leeway to "ease" that type of gameplay back into the community's hands is to take a break from Halo for a bit.

    343 can throw that around against us and say it's a different interpretation of the franchise. Look at Disney and Star Wars. A reboot can potentially solve the multiplayer and story, but I am very cynical at this point.

  6. He's actually not wrong when he states that the best thing is to honestly give Halo a break for a few years and reboot the franchise. That's literally the only way I can see our game being actually relevant again. Because like he said, ever since 343 got their hands on this game it's been nothing a huge middle finger to this franchise.

    I can only see this being an excuse for 343 to stick with the enhanced mobility trend. If they can't get the core mechanics right, then why should Microsoft trust tell with rebooting their main console seller?


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