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  1. I am rather curious about this new gamemode 343 has been hinting at. The arena aspect of Halo 5 is a joke and I have no desire to play it. But if Big Team Battle is solid, then I might play Halo 5 just for that.
  2. I think the reclaimer trilogy is more like the prequels.
  3. Is 343i trying to make Spartans part of the Avengers now?
  4. I know. It's still sad, and funny, at the same time. Inside Halo when?
  5. What was interesting about the new scope? I felt that the reflex sight was the most generic out all of the scopes.
  6. Upvoted for FunHaus. As big of a fan I am of FunHaus (been watching since Inside Halo), they barely touch on Halo 5. They talk about the trailers and a few theories. That's it. They don't go into the multiplayer aspect of Halo 5, which I can understand why since it's such a hot topic. I disagree with Adam's stance on Halo 4's story and think it's one of the worse in the franchise. Edit: Poor Adam. He couldn't finish a whole sentence about Halo without being mocked.
  7. After viewing the two trailers, all I can say is color me interested. This story could actually be good.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIcYfrWLeM0&ab_channel=LateNightGaming-Halonewsandentertainment This guy is laughable.
  9. While we are mentioning terribad maps. Edit: Replaced image with a bigger one.
  10. I have always wondered about this picture. How is anyone --be it Spartan, Covenant, or Forerunner-- suppose to figure out how to aim the lightrifle?
  11. I probably say it's 50/50 at this point. Even with the changes, I still feel that Halo 5 is not going to live long. Half of the community is rejoicing and praising it as the "savior" while the other half is the polar opposite. As for me personally, I am with the latter. I could not play more than fifteen matches during the three weeks the beta ran for. I absolutely loathed it. The gameplay was more "Halo" than 4, but that is not saying much. The new Spartan Abilities seriously ruined the experience for me. The Sprint+Thruster "Get out of jail free" combo was the biggest offender, that and ADS (The devs may call it "Smart-Scope", but you are literally aiming down the sights) made aiming more distracting in my honest opinion. I do not care for any of the fancy cosmetics on the sight, just give me the classic zoom and I'll be on my way (I could argue this even more from a lore standpoint, however, this thread has enough of lore discussion). Slide was useless and I saw nobody using it at all, Ground Pound made the game "cartoony", Clamber is just crouch-jumping for dummies, and Charge is just another ability that is just waiting to be abused (Sprint away from a firefight, charge to safety, and use thrusters if need be to increase the gap between you and your opponent) like thrusters and sprint. I had no friends to play with during the beta since they all moved on after the first week of MCC, but I talked to one and he said it looked "fun". I talked to other members of the community on a different site and the reaction was mostly negative (only one person liked it). I do not like the E-Sports approach 343i is taking. I feel the "super competitiveness" of Halo 5 is not going to well with some people in the community (it doesn't with me) and may hamper the overall enjoyment factor. The new art direction for the Human weapons makes them look absolutely generic and uninteresting. The new rocket launcher looks like the M72 LAW, the reflex sight on the BR does not suit the role, I do not like how the SMG has a P90 style feeding system, and the brightness on certain maps is arbitrary. The sound of the weapons is a mixed bag. The pistol sounds rather weak for a sidearm that is supposed to fire a 12.7mm round and the same can be said for the AR as well. The power of the 7.62mm is, to me, missing. I felt that Reach captured the audio perfectly for the AR. Overall, the game has left unimpressed. I understand some of the things I have mentioned are fixed, but a good number of them have not. I know sprint is bad and has been discussed to death, but I honestly feel like it's an addition that is not justified in Halo. TL;DR 50/50 consensus. Beta was not fun to me. P.S. Why couldn't we customize our shoulder pieces of our Spartan? We were able to do that in every single Halo game until now.
  12. As a Halo 3 kid, I find the game he linked rather interesting and intriguing to play.
  13. To be fair, he's been posting on NeoGAF (where he has been receiving death threats). He should not be this surprised by the amount of anger here in this thread. Could it have been more civil? Yes. But Frankie has experience with the Halo community (he was community manager back during the Halo 2 era). A few angry posts should not scare him away when a vast majority of questions here were civil.
  14. Guys pls. I may be cynical about the future of this franchise, but goddamn do I not act like an asshole when asking questions.
  15. @@Frankie. When will you inform the community of the cause(s) for MCC's launch? I know you posted on NeoGaf about letting us know when you guys have finally fixed MCC. P.S. Thanks for talking to us, despite how cynical we can be. It's refreshing to hear you guys talk to the community once more.
  16. My gripe with Ground Pound is from an "immersion" perceptive. I cannot imagine a Spartan performing such a move in a war. Feels too anime to me.
  17. I don't know about you, but I definitely don't want Spartans becoming Power Rangers.
  18. But how are we supposed to feel immersed into multiplayer?
  19. Fucking A, man. Just thinking about the poll results makes clinically depressed. It is a shame how the competitive community has to wait for a non-Halo game just to get a classic Halo experience through mods.With the current state of MCC and the Halo 5 beta poll results, I see no reason to keep a Xbone. How can 343i screw up this badly?

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