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  1. If I was given a nickel everytime I've heard of the "just git gud at killing people" excuse for Sprint, I'd be a very rich man.
  2. At least here we can have actual discussions on a certain topic that doesn't have 50 top comments about erection jokes.
  3. Am I the only one who found the Gamescom Invitational boring to watch?
  4. Spartans have mouths so why can't they rap in multiplayer? #343pls #muhimmersion
  5. As someone whose favorite weapon is the AR (no bully plz), this concerns me.
  6. Yeah, but that still has the Spartan Abilities enabled.
  7. I'm hoping 343 will create a "Classic" playlist that removes all of the Spartan Abilities and keeps friendly fire. It would be enough to get me to purchase Halo 5.
  8. The amount of people complaining about people complaining about the new trailer is too damn high.
  9. No matter how you justify the trailer, it looks boring. I don't care if there are moments like this in the books, that doesn't justify 343 making Spartans anime characters. At this point, I think 343 is just making this game for the kiddie vickies who love The Avengers.
  10. Going to post a comment left in the discussion thread for the new trailer and I think it sums up nicely. From MyLifeIsAFacade: "Having enjoyed the original trilogy and read the books, I feel that this type of over-the-top display sort of does a disservice to the series. It's excessive and beyond belief; fictitious or not, it still needs to maintain some semblance of realism. I understand Spartans are the best of the best, but I feel like showcasing them as what are essentially god-like super heroes really takes away from them. What made the earlier games and books fantastic was that they weren'tunstoppable. They had weaknesses and limitations. Its one of the reasons why (to the disagreement of many) Reach was one of my favourites. It showed that yes, they were highly trained and accomplished what normally took an entire battalion, but at a cost to their entire squad. Now you have four people prancing down a mountain slaughtering half the enemy forces like its nothing. Wheres the tension? Wheres the risk?"
  11. I'll be honest, the slower sprint speed is nice. But with the new changes to movement speed and thrusters, it makes me wonder if people will actually start to question the relevance of sprint. They probably won't and will fall back onto the "m-muh immersion!" response. But still, a guy can dream, right?
  12. Man, that last picture really lacks immersion. How am I supposed to play it if I can't aim down my sight?
  13. Those sprint animations are really bad. They do not compliment the Spartan's head when sprinting and looks completely awkward when they swing their arms so loosely.
  14. >"[sprint] still provides a good tactical option to try and get away." >still provides a good tactical option >still provides
  15. So, we lost the option to make our Spartan-IV's armor tolerable? Splendid.
  16. Guy is sprinting away from BR shots and lives at 8:08.
  17. >AI teammates >Bigger maps >PVP and PVE mixed together >Bosses Literally Halo: MOBA edition.
  18. Well, Warzone was announced and my feelings are rather... conflicted. Bigger maps are cool and all, but will the player count be sufficient for 24 players? The AI is another thing to worry about. In previous Halos, the AI, both friend and foe, can be a bit questionable. The marines in the campaign are great gunners, with this mind, what difficulty is the AI going to be set on? Normal? Heroic? I don't see the reason why 343i added in bosses and mini bosses into this new gamemode. Wouldn't it make sense to add it in Firefight? What do they add to the gameplay experience? I get that Warzone is supposed to be a mix of BTB and Firefight, but why? If I want to have large scale warfare, I'd go play BTB. If I want to play against the AI with a couple randoms, I'd go play Firefight. Also, why is it still Spartans versus Spartans? 343 could have taken this as an opportunity to bring back Elites into multiplayer. I would be more interested in seeing Covenant units(Elites, vehicles, weapons) being playable in all-out war. So far, E3 did not renew any interest in Halo 5 for me. I'll still keep an eye on new details that will come later this week, but boy am I not looking forward to Halo 5. /negative opinion #9001
  19. Don't know. I didn't post on the threads back then since I was a wee lad.
  20. Reminds me when Frankie posted a satirical article back on Bungie.net regarding an episode of Arby and the Chief and everyone flipped their shit. Oh, what a time.

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