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  1. Mfw watching Seriously, what a fall from grace Halo has become. This series proved the naysayers at the time wrong and became an FPS giant. Now, Halo is a joke. A giant one. Story has become generic sci-fi with fantasy elements, art style has made everything look like plastic, Spartans perform and look like comic book characters, game mechanics are inconsistent with the originals, characters are boring, the scores have some of the most uninspiring/generic songs I've ever heard, and worst of all: the community is practically non-existent. Honestly, what hope is there with Halo 6? Halo Wars 2 is returning to the classic art direction for the most part, but that's not even a guarantee for Halo 6.
  2. Does this actually work? The only time I've ever seen a 343 employee watch a "Return to Classic Halo/Enhanced Abilities need to be removed" video was on Favyn's twitter.
  3. Too bad none of the characters in the film were likable besides K2SO, Chirrut, and maybe Andor.
  4. Did I make a smart move of not pre-ordering the DE? The last couple of pages and Frankie's comment on NeoGAF give me a bad feeling.
  5. Great video, man. I agree with a lot of your points. I've watched some of your other videos and am currently watching your rant video. You gained a sub today.
  6. Seriously, this guy is incredibly hostile towards anyone who thinks Halo 5 isn't the bees knees. Just look at his post history.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/5dbrd6/anniversary_throwback_the_classic_playlist_we/ ske7ch replied to this thread with some info: "Good post! No arguments here that there's certainly a pretty large group of players who want that classic gameplay style playlist. This throwback playlist was never intended to be the response to that as I've been poking around it's clear that it's been an ongoing topic internally that certainly has support. I'm working to better understand any internal concerns that may exist and how/when something like this can officially get implemented into matchmaking. Constructive posts are definitely helpful! (and I know there are a few community accepted classic game variants that have been floating around for a while)"
  8. 343 said the playlist would have old school action and that's not there in the playlist. So, nobody should be blamed for being misled.
  9. I think he used to be a CM during the Bungie days.
  10. How's the multiplayer in Titanfall 2? Been thinking about trading a game or two in for it.
  11. Yeah, just got to wait ten years or so before we get classic Halo. Ez pz.
  12. I got you, fam. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/191234/making_halo_4_a_story_about_.php?page=3 The quote you looking for is below the picture of the Promethean Knight.
  13. TF2 isn't out yet. Let's wait on judging the game's story.
  14. Daily reminder: We're not real Halo fans. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/50yed8/343i_isnt_perfect_but_can_we_all_agree_that/?sort=confidence
  15. You missed out on a good time. CoD 1 and 2 were fun games and imo probably the best of the franchise.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWIiDPC-wTA&feature=youtu.be&a&ab_channel=Podtacular Halo Wars 2 Gamescom B-Roll Edit: Here's the Rift Map reveal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D21fvU82LUE&ab_channel=IGN
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIk1-_-SLeA&ab_channel=DrSpanklez
  18. Seriously, I watched a leaked cutscene from SDCC and my interest in Halo skyrocketed.
  19. Nope. The way I guesstimate Halo 5's population is the Most Popular list and use http://bf4stats.com/ and http://swbstats.com/ since both Battlefield 4 and Battlefront are on the first page with Halo 5 stuck in between every time I check
  20. A disappointing sequel that managed to slap the faces of both the story fans and the competitive community.

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