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  1. Perhaps it was a bit emotional for me to conclude that, but 343 did make a traditional Halo 4 once before scraping it for Halo of Duty. Tom's tweet did not give me a good first impression.
  2. Who is going to listen to the earpieces and higher-ups from Microsoft.
  3. https://twitter.com/pardontomfrench/status/858416870449266688 Don't get too excited.
  4. >double down on Master Chief focus That's cool and all, but Blue Team and Osiris should've been likable characters to those who haven't read the books with interesting stories in the first place. If Halo's only interesting character is the Chief, then this franchise will not make it to 30 years like Microsoft has desired.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/656gyr/halo_5_appears_to_be_substantially_slowerpaced/
  6. I mean, they did shit the bed with MCC.
  7. >it has over 400 upvotes Goddammit, that could've been my karma.
  8. It hasn't, but if it did, I would imagine it being downvoted to oblivion.
  9. Reuploading gif as it cuts off the times too early. https://imgur.com/pF5h2JM
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_oKr8fLDnw https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/626ax5/explaining_sprint_and_its_negative_affects/ There's been an awakening.... have you felt it?
  11. I rather have it the other way around. If classic Halo gameplay is kept to spinoffs, then it will look like 343 is still making the statement that classic gameplay isn't good enough for mainline entries. Sales figures and player retention show that enhanced mobility is not working and only keeps a small number of players. Classic gameplay has shown higher sales figures and better retention.
  12. I hope so, but Frankie said on Neogaf that Halo 6's gameplay is going to be based around Halo 5's.
  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/6269b4/what_would_get_you_hyped_for_halo_6_what_would/ tfw top comments are asking for classic Halo gameplay Feels good.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me that r/halo resorts to a compromise mentality. How do people not realize that having an enhanced mobility playlist and a no enhanced mobility playlist will split the already small playerbase? AIMING TO PLEASE EVERYONE WILL PLEASE NO ONE.
  15. Did anyone save that post discussing the effects spartan abilities have map design?
  16. Well, that and the fact theater mode is still fucking broken.
  17. You have no idea what sin you have committed.
  18. Looking forward to it. Halo Wars 2's story is make or break for the franchise for me.
  19. I've heard not many people are playing the beta and less feedback is being given. Halo Wars 2 is possible kill. Edit: Oh yeah, heard the microtransactions are P2W since the units can be leveled up.
  20. Just realized how well Episode VII and VIII's title go together.
  21. Mfw watching Seriously, what a fall from grace Halo has become. This series proved the naysayers at the time wrong and became an FPS giant. Now, Halo is a joke. A giant one. Story has become generic sci-fi with fantasy elements, art style has made everything look like plastic, Spartans perform and look like comic book characters, game mechanics are inconsistent with the originals, characters are boring, the scores have some of the most uninspiring/generic songs I've ever heard, and worst of all: the community is practically non-existent. Honestly, what hope is there with Halo 6? Halo Wars 2 is returning to the classic art direction for the most part, but that's not even a guarantee for Halo 6.
  22. Does this actually work? The only time I've ever seen a 343 employee watch a "Return to Classic Halo/Enhanced Abilities need to be removed" video was on Favyn's twitter.

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