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  1. Mediocre as a Halo game and as an FPS. IMO it feels like a Halo game cross-bred with a generic MMS. If I could just choose one thing to complain about right now, it would be that this game is fucking boring. Both to play and to watch. There is absolutely nothing exciting about BR shot, thrust, sprint, repeat. Even with the ranking system I found it hard to give a shit about doing well because it just wasn't entertaining in any way. I mean yeah, it'll probably be better than Halo 4, but what kind of comparison is that? I don't think it stacks up well at all. At least Reach had it's moments for me. I don't remember legitimately enjoying myself in Halo 5 for more than a few minutes at a time.
  2. "most" as in the vast majority of people, or "most" as in "most of the games are on dedicated servers"?
  3. I think he's actually trying to make a point about how similar the 2 games are becoming. I was about to log on to Waypoint to make a comment about how what he's looking for came out in November 2012, but after reading his posts I think he's legit lol.
  4. And here we have problem #1. I get what you're saying (even though I don't want JIP no matter what), but 343i couldn't handle implementing a proper ranking system and playlists that don't match teams of 4 with randoms. I've just started to assume that any idea we have for the MCC has a higher potential of being utterly ruined by 343i than being implemented properly. As far as quitting goes, has anybody actually been quit banned yet? I tried quitting out of a bunch of games on an alt a while back and nothing happened. My experience with this game is still an utter SMG/AR-started lagfest. Maybe that's just me, but the way I see it if people had an actual reason to stay in the game instead of quitting (you know...like the game being enjoyable and not just slightly-below tolerable), quitting would be less of a problem.
  5. To me the issue here is the fact that I have to rely on my teammate at all, just because my opponent pressed a button and is now preceding to sprint back to his team. I play solo a lot, so understand how frustrating it is to have to rely on Jimmy117343 to be able to look to his left and shoot at the same time because my weapon doesn't kill fast enough. I simply don't understand how Halo 5 is empowering to the individual...The kill times feel way too long to excuse the way sprint and thruster work. If the game is designed that way intentionally (like, the kill times are long and escaping is easier for the sole purpose of forcing teamshotting instead of allowing somebody's individual skill to shine in BR/DMR/Whatever battles), then I'll be severely disappointed.
  6. I never said I was trying to play 1 Halo game...I'd be fine playing H2 or even 3 if I didn't have to start out with a fucking super soaker.
  7. *votes Halo 1* "BL00DLINE SLAYR????? SOUNDS AWS0ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111`1" 5 votes for Bloodline Slayer. This tells me three things: 1. Cross-game playlists seriously suck and should be strictly for casual playlists. 2. Devs need to get a clue and realize how much of a chore it is to play SMG/AR starts (seriously. This just tells me how out of touch they are) 3. The voting system is all fucky and needs to be seriously looked at.
  8. Why in 2015 is it still possible to get SMG and AR starts in ranked playlists? Haven't we evolved past this as a species?
  9. Sooooo one of the selling points of this "game" was the exact same ranking system as Halo 2, was it not? Well, assuming the ranks actually work 100% as intended when they finally roll out (lol), is this still supposed to be the case? Would we have the Halo 2 ranking system or will it be some garbage 343i threw together in the last couple of weeks? Normally I'd just assume Halo 2 ranks are still the plan but look who we're talking about here.
  10. Seriously...I badly want ranks to work, but what have we seen from this company so far? I just have this sinking feeling there's going to be something seriously fucky with ranks when they come out (drop down to 1 after a loss, 12s matching 50s, getting level 40+ allows you to sprint in that playlist, idk) and it'll take 3 months to fix be fixed soon.
  11. I would be to if they actually did that. Also, the fuck do you mean you got your money's worth? "Well, it turns on sometimes and it hasn't bricked my console yet" is your standard for getting your money's worth?
  12. Even if they wanted to (or gave enough of a shit to) I'm sure they'd find some way to fuck it up royally. It's too bad, because that really is an awesome idea.
  13. Just the title of that video gave me HIV. "Boycotting this game for SILLY REASONS! Like the INNOVATIONS.." Fuck this guy. Never heard of him before, but after looking at the videos on his channel I'm just gonna go ahead and pretend I never found out.
  14. This is objectively correct.
  15. Well I found out last night that if your internet cuts out and you get disconnected from XBL, you need to do a hard reset of your console to get rid of the "you are not connected" message when trying to find a game EVEN IF THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING XBL SERVICES VERY OBVIOUSLY WORK. Even then, I try to search and every 15 seconds I get booted back to the playlist menu. Quit the game twice and finally I'm able to search properly again. This has happened a few times to me, and I'm not sure if anybody else has this problem. I've only noticed it since the "big update", when the searching background got all fancy.
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